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18th June 2009, 10:11 PM
I'm going to my first tournament in 2 weeks and need another opinion cuz the only person in my area that isn't like 7/8 is my sis and no offense to her but she ain't much of a challenge and the only stuff she knows is what i've taught her

Pokemon wise it's basically the frame of the Polar Frost Majestic Dawn deck cept with some of the pokemon removed e.g. shellos, manetric and electrike and other cards swapped around etc.

Please tell me what u think where i could improve it etc. u know the usual stuff

Title: My EMP Deck

Improving after being notified of errors and acting on advice

Rival(1) - Diamond & Pearl
Buck's Training(1) - Legends Awakened
Speed Stadium(1) - Diamond and Pearl
Dusk Ball(2) - Majestic Dawn
Mom's Kindness(1) - Majestic Dawn
Potion(2) - Secret Wonders
Looker's Investigation(1) - Platinum
Night Maintenance(1) - Secret Wonders
Pokemon Rescue(1) - Platinum
Felicity's Drawing(1) - Great Encounters

Water Energy(11)
Electric Energy(10)

Other info:
Should be pickin up quite a few booster packs this weekend so it could change

19th June 2009, 7:04 AM
well of course everyone is gunna say "Throw in a 2-2 line of Claydol" but aside from that you have 7 Piplup, and 5 Prinplup....you can only have 4 of each card

Hope this helps:
-1 Mom's Kindness
+1 Bucks
-1 Pokemon Rescue
+1 Night Maintenance
-2 Potion
+2 Life Herb
- 4 Evee
-1 Jolteon
-1 Glaceon
+3 Rare Candy
+2 Broken Time-Space
-1 Rival
-1 Speed Stadium
-1 Pikachu
+4 Rosanne's Research
-4 Piplup
-2 Prinplup
+4 Bebe's Search
+2 Raichu
-1 Water Energy

And heres to you finding something good in those packs!!!!!!!!!!!

21st June 2009, 10:44 AM
oops my bad i read the rulebook wrong