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20th June 2009, 10:39 AM
Solo Fighting-type deck based around Stormfront Machamp.
Machop (SF) x4
Machoke (SF) x2
Machamp (SF) x1
Trapinch (RR) x3, (SW) x1
Vibrava (RR) x1, (SW) x1, (LM) x1
Flygon (SW) x2, (RR) x1
Flygon LVL. X (RR) x1
Aerodactyl SP (RR) x4
Stantler (SW) x2
Poké Radar (LA) x3
TM TS-1 Evoluter (LA) x2
Prof. Oak's Visit (SW) x3
Roseanne's Research (SW) x3
Bebe's Search (RR) x1, (MT) x1
Scott (PK) x1
Holon Farmer (DS) x1
Team Galactic's Mars (SW) x1
Basic Fighting x16
Special Cyclone Energy (SF) x3, (PK) x1
Strategy: I'm usually never without a basic. I use Stantler for Lead, which lets me pull a Supporter from my deck and put it in my hand. I pull Scott then find my two Bebe's Searches and a Roseanne's Research then get Machamp out ASAP. I can also bench Machop and get Machamp out with TM TS-1 Evoluter, or even just draw into everything with Aerodactyl's Collect. Flygon mostly stalls everything out with Irritating Buzz. Rainbow Float on RR Flygon gives free retreats to my Fighting types and also clears out Stadium cards with Sand Wall. Level X Flygon kills Lvl. Xs while pitching the top card on my opponent's deck each turn, sometimes taking out vital Pokemon. Most of my Supports aim on getting my Machamp line out of my deck. Once Machamp is out, proceed to win prizes via Take Out and Cyclone energies. Simple to play and I can usually get Machamp/Flygon out fairly early. Roseanne's Research is my Energy Search pretty much.

Please leave feedback and what cards I can add to improve my deck/different strategies.