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23rd June 2009, 6:11 PM
Hello all!

I'm currently doing a "For fun" play through of Fire Red on an emulator here at work >=] ...

... I'm looking for some advice on a team structure for getting through the gyms and eventually the elite four! As I said before I'm playing on an Emulator (I have the game at home but it's much less likely for my boss to see me on the computer typing then to have a gameboy in my hand...) so I can't exactly trade anything to this version of the game

My team thus far is as followed (Currently in Cerulean City about to take on Misty):

Clefairy 12 @ N/A


Spearow 12 @ N/A


Wartortle 18 @ N/A

Tail Whip
Water Gun

Mankey 12 @ N/A

Karate Chop
Low Kick
Rock Tomb

Pikachu 11 @ N/A

Quick Attack
Thunder Wave

Paras 10 @ N/A

Stun Spore

~~ So far I've been using a Clefairy start... set up the sing as my Clefairy is semi decently bulky and in some cases fast...

I then swap into whatever is going to give me the advantage in that current situation.

Now what I'm thinking is dropping Paras for a Grass type with a better move set and probably dropping Spearow for a fire type as soon as one presents itself... any suggestions on these two or suggestions of other beneficial swaps would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

PN01 - Ben

Yo Shee
23rd June 2009, 6:39 PM
Since you're so early in the game, the only thing we can really help rate are the natures, which you didn't even post. You should at least post the natures, and if you want moveset suggestions, you should post what you plan on having their final moveset be. For example, if your Mankey has a Calm nature, that's awful and it should be replaced immediately.

23rd June 2009, 7:34 PM
I agree with ^^^^^^ above. although some natures will be horrible, some will be acceptable in game, like if your wartortle had a docile nature.

plus i suggest you change a few members of your team

swap paras for exeggutor or bells sprout/victrebell. exeggutor is availble in the safari zone and so is dratini so you can catch one while your there. its lateish in the game but if train blaistoise and pikachu now, it will leave you with the option of training those later.

clefairy is a competent pokemon but snorkax is better, so theres another option.

and i'll swap mankey for ;058; or ;059; who you should be able to catch now.