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25th June 2009, 5:47 AM
Welcome to the world of Monster Hunter!

In this Club we talk everything about Monster Hunter. Well, I've been a fan of Monster Hunter since my younger Uncle introduced me this game. This is a rpg game for the playstation consoles. The main goal is to be a top hunter. To achieve that, you have to do different kind of quests, gathering, slaying, or foraging for items.

Guild Rules

All Sppf rules apply

NO SPAMMING. This includes pointless jacking up of words which have no relation to the club

Try to stay on topic

Be nice to others. That includes no trolling, insulting, or any kind of violence to other members. Violence is only done to monsters :)

Use correct and proper grammar. It's only exception is for emphasizing word like "oh look at the cute cuddwy fewine"

Avoid one-lining

Have Fun

Guild Application
To join the Hunter's Guild, you must fill out the Application Form

Application Form :
Hunter Name :
Hunter Rank :
Hunter Felyne :
Favorite Monster :

O================Hunter's Alliance Board================O
Guild Head
Virtuos - HR`1

Guild Administrators


<O==========Help Board==========O>
Everyone can help share tips on how to defeat a certain monster/Quest.
PM me and i'll put it here

Artwork Files
If you have any artwork, feel free to share with the guild!

Topic List

What is your favorite weapon, and why?
What is your current set?
What boss monster did you kill the most?

26th June 2009, 4:43 AM
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