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3rd July 2009, 5:40 PM
I'm gonna try a ghost team uploaded from leaf green to defeat the 100 players of Mt Battle (the Colosseum) what do you think?- will i be able?

;200; Misdreavus (with White Herb)
Ability- Levitate
(EV's- Sp Att, Speed, Def)
Nature- Timid
-Pain Split
-Confuse Ray

;094; Gengar (with Bright Powder)
Ability- Levitate
(EV's- Defence, ?)
Nature- Bold
-Giga Drain
-Dream Eater

;292; Shedinja (with Focus Band/ Lum Berry)
Ability- Wonder Guard
(EV's- Speed, Attack)
Nature- Jolly
-Shadow Ball
-Aerial Ace
-Silver Wind

;302; Sableye (with Kings Rock)
Ability- Keen Eye
(EV's- Speed, Attack, Def/Sp Def)
Nature- Jolly
-Shadow Ball
-Rock Tomb
-Brick Break

;356; Dusclops (with Leftovers)
Ability- Pressure


(EV's- Speed, Sp Att, Att, HP)
Nature- Hasty/Naive
-Destiny Bond
-Ice Beam


(EV's- Speed, Attack, HP)
Nature- Jolly
-Destiny Bond
-Shadow Ball

;354; Banette (with Shell Bell)
Ability- Insomnia
(EV's- Speed, Attack, Def/Sp Def)
Nature- Jolly
-Shadow Ball
-Secret Power

I have never really done EV training before, so help would be appreciated in that area. Also suggestions with items / moves would be usefull. Shedinja is risky I know! And I dont know which way to go with Dusclops?

All suggestions and comments will be greatfully recieved.

3rd July 2009, 6:37 PM
Gengar is way too frail to try to set up hypnosis + dream eater/nightmare. Hypnosis' accuracy is relatively low and sleep lasts only 1-4 turns. Mild/Rash (or Timid/Modest without any physical move, but that's unlikely) is better, with max special attack and speed, since that takes advantage of Gengar's stats best. Gengar gets nice moves like thunderbolt, ice punch, explosion (even off Gengar's poor attack it kills most things), will-o-wisp (hampers physical attackers), and so on. Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb get STAB but are physical, so they're likely not the best options.

Don't bother speed training a curse dusclops.

Doggy Water Toy Buddy Boy
6th July 2009, 10:29 PM

replace Shedinja w/ Weavile

and Dusclops w/ Kakuna

Sneasel Rules!
7th July 2009, 8:01 PM
I agree with blaziken05, the Gengar needs to be changed. Giving it defence is pretty useless as it has weak defence and will probably get KO'd quite easily anyway. You have to invest EVs into the pokemon's best stats to acheive the best results. I would say you should either give the dusclops atk and def EVs as this would produce a physical wall with reasonable attacking power, or give it EVS in def, sp. def and HP so it becomes a defensive giant. You can then use moves that give passive damage like will'o'wisp, confuse ray or curse with destiny bond for when it's finally KO'd and pain split as a recovery move (which will be vital if your using curse). The nature should then be probably either impish (+def -sp.atk) or careful (+sp.def -sp.atk) Others may disagree because it is risky not having a damging move but as the rest of your team seems centered on this I think it should be OK.

I'm not sure if silver wind is a physical move in 3rd gen. but if it isn't, get rid of it as shedinja's sp.atk is rubbish and replace it with either fury cutter or leach life (probably fury cutter as leach life's recovery of HP has no effect on Shedinja)

The EVs are the main issue here but its understandable if this is your first time with them. Get rid of def. on misdreavus for either sp.def or HP as it is special centered. Banette's EVS should probably be atk and sp.atk centered with some speed as atk and sp.atk are its best stats (although if your using jolly, just do atk and speed). If your not using it defensively, I'd get rid of will'o'wisp for another attacking move.

All in all, work needs to be done and enough counter moves for types like dark and steel (which resist ghost) need to be included. If you make these changes, I'm sure you can defeat the mt. battle 100. I did with a pretty low-class team with over 20 continues to spare). Just make sure you rack up lots of continues in the first stages. I'd therefore recommend only unleashing Shedinja when really needed as it could cost you a continue and they're vital in the later stages.

Good Luck :)