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14th July 2009, 2:52 AM
Well here is my second attempt at making a deck and could use any assistance or tips given.

Pokemon: 21
Zangoose 1 (PT)
Misdreavous 1 (PT)
Froslass GL 2 (RR)
Shiftry 1-1-1 (RR)
Shuppet 1 (PT)
Darkrai G 1 (RR)
Nidoqueen 1-1-1 (RR)
Gardevoir 1-1-1 (PT)
Giratina 1-1 (PT)
Castform Rain Form (LA)
Bibarel 1-1 (SF)
Espeon 4 (RR)

Trainers/Supporters: 18
Buck's Training 1 (LA)
Underground Expedition 2 (RR)
Luxury Ball 1 (SF)
Team Galactic's Invention G-109 SP Radar 1 (RR)
Cynthia's Feelings 2 (LA)
Switch 1 (SF)
Team Galactic's Mars 2 (SW)
Bebe's Search 3 (SW)
Pokemon Rescue (PT)
Great Ball 2 (SF)
Roseanne's Research 1 (SW)
Professor Oak's Visit 1 (SW)

Energies: 21
Water 4
Dark 4
SP Energy 1
Psychic 12

I know this deck needs more darkrai G to make the sleep work and less energies and will probably focus on psychic mainly with barely any dark. I'm working on getting some natus so i can put a xatu in place of one of the pokemon since i need to lower my amount. Once again any help will be appreciated.