View Full Version : Favorite Mini Game?

16th July 2009, 5:10 AM
What is your Favorite Mini Game?

Mine would be Eager Eevee.

16th July 2009, 5:25 AM
Mine is in the first Stadium, is Sushi-Go-Round. Made me laugh countless times when he got a spicy one.

16th July 2009, 6:54 AM
I remember that one, He squealed and ran around.

Zap Cannon
16th July 2009, 8:05 AM
I've always enjoyed the Chansey minigame.

16th July 2009, 3:06 PM
I got it out again and have been playing it like nonstop. So i shall rank.
Mr. Mime
Furrets frolic
Pichu (only because me and my best friend can go sub 12 seconds.)
Steaming stampede
Eager eevee (game i tie most often)
Gutsy golbat (most hate it I love it.)
Clear cut challenge
Topsy turvy (even though i fail at it.)
delibird delivery (mixed bag here) (like the pun)

hope I didn't miss any
btw my favorites from the first stadium are:
drowzee and

Shining Mew
16th July 2009, 3:52 PM
Ekans ring toss thing! By far the best one ;]

16th July 2009, 6:22 PM
For some reason I really like topsy turvy and it would be really fun to watch a computer count the pokemon and there would only be like 3 and it would just keep pressing the button for some reason me and my friends laughed for hours in the pokemon stampede game.

16th July 2009, 7:46 PM
in the first Stadium Mine is, is Sushi-Go-Round. :)

17th July 2009, 4:36 PM
In the first one, the Magikarp Splash one. In the second one, Topsy Turvy and Egg Emergency

18th July 2009, 1:26 AM
i like the counting with cleffa and igglybuff in 2 also the furret one... i might go as far to say that i might love all of them!

and love the clefairy says game in 1 probably because of their little song ^~^
ooo, and rattata jump

18th July 2009, 1:30 AM
The only one I can I can remember is a Delibird game that I played at my friends house a long time ago. Her brothers are getting rid of their old N64 games now and they gave me Pokemon Stadium 2! :D But I have no Nintendo 64...:(

Silent Conversation
18th July 2009, 2:49 AM
Definitely the Chansey game! Whenever I played Stadium with my cousins, we would always spend about an hour playing just that game. It was really fun and really addicting.

18th July 2009, 11:54 PM
The Eevee one is my favorite. I like those timing games.
The Ekans one was fun. So was the Metapod/Kakuna one, it was funny too.

The Clefairy one is my brother's favorite. I suck at it, but it's always fun.
Fairy, fairy, fairy, fairy! *bonk*

21st July 2009, 9:33 AM
The Chansey one was my favorite, I always did well in that one.
The Pichu/Voltorb was my least favorite, I absolutely sucked in that mini game.

1st August 2009, 1:08 PM
the eager eevee was my favorite when i played the game, it's just like those games we used to play on school with the music and the chairs:)

2nd August 2009, 12:02 AM
I was addicted to the Mr. Mime one at some point. Aside from that, the Chansey and Hitmontop minigames were very fun as well.

2nd August 2009, 1:16 AM
The digging sandshrew one! That game was the best!

m!ss p!nk
2nd August 2009, 3:38 AM
Mine was:

igglibuff and cleffa
And togepi ^^

My fav was chansey ^^

Shadow Gamer
2nd August 2009, 10:35 PM
I liked the game with the Hitmontop's. I forgot the name and don't know which Stadium Game that was in.

m!ss p!nk
3rd August 2009, 1:44 AM
^ in stadium 2, i like that mini too x3

3rd August 2009, 2:10 AM
Chansey's Egg Emergency is the best

5th August 2009, 3:55 PM
I really like Chansey's Egg Emergency.
My brother and I use to be really good at the Scyther one, but now...

9th August 2009, 10:28 AM
I loved Furret's Frolic, Barrier Ball, and Topsy-Turvey, but I loved all the mini-games on Stadium 2, really.

Shiny Shadow Lugia
12th August 2009, 1:06 AM
I liked barrier ball but I loved Chansey's emergency... even though I always lost.

12th August 2009, 5:56 PM
My favorite... i don't remember the name but it was the one with scyther and pinsir chopping the wood.... and i loved chanseys emergency... Good times.. :)

Team Brushfire
17th August 2009, 8:52 PM
In Stadium 2, My fave is the Clear Cut Challenge, the one where you have to cut the falling log as close to the white line as possible! ^^

18th August 2009, 5:46 AM
Clear Cut Challenge- I love Scyther and Pinsr. I suck at this game though XD
The Hitmontop one- I'm awesome at this game. I can beat anyone on it!

A Friend
20th August 2009, 6:20 AM
I love them all. I used to play them with all my family members. My favorites where the one with the Lickitung on Stadium 1, and the one you had to count on Stadium 2.

22nd August 2009, 5:45 PM
I love the Chansey game!
It's so fun, especially when they drop voltorbs. rofl.

24th August 2009, 10:47 PM
My fave is Eager eevee, and I like Topsy turvy.

26th August 2009, 10:27 PM
I have two top favourites. They are Delibird's Delivery where the Delibird collects presents and Topsy Turvy where you have to spin the other Hitmontops out of the ring. My least favourite is Pichu's Power Plant because I find it really boring, all the other ones are quite fun!

25th September 2009, 5:33 PM
My favourtie is probably Barrier Ball that was epic . . . what good times.

25th September 2009, 7:07 PM
I liked the golbat one in stadium 2 and in stadium 2 the lickytung minigam i used to eat the spicy food on purpose xD

28th September 2009, 4:03 PM
Topsy Turvy. I would constantly play that minigame for hours.

2nd October 2009, 7:17 PM
I like the delibird game but also the chansey one as well.

5th October 2009, 2:48 AM
LOL I love the Chansey Emergency and the Clear Cut Challenge . Man it sure brings back Memories :D .

14th November 2009, 12:49 AM
I think hitmontop one

16th November 2009, 1:00 AM
eager eevee was my fave also

Golden Metagross
18th November 2009, 2:01 PM
Delibird all the way.

Alpha Gamer
18th November 2009, 9:06 PM
I loved and had so much fun with all of them, I can't choose just one.

20th November 2009, 1:06 AM
Egg Emergency is my favourite mini-game for Stadium 2. The fact that the control play / objective is that simple, you really can't go wrong in it no? I also like the fact that I can always get a perfect score of 100 in it :D.

Eager Eevee is also another interesting game I like on Stadium 2. But other than timing on "getting" the fruit the quickest before your foe? The thing I hate about it is because sometimes, you can hit the A Button too quickly and when Aipom lifts the thingy, it'll show Pincone and you'll not be able to stop getting hit (and slapped with a Penalty). I know my sister loves this mini-game. She usually beats me at it. But the "fear" on trying notto get hit by the Pincone is very high. Other than that - it's a fun mini-game to have laughs at :).

For Stadium 1; my favourite Mini-game out of them all would be Clefairy Says. I like a good memory game and since they've got it nice and simple, the buttons you need to follow (and press) are easy to memorize.

20th November 2009, 1:05 PM
I loved this game so much, amazing memories, but i can hardly remember the names of it :P, If pokemon bought out a newer version, if there is i don't know, think many ppl would be happy, my fav i think is... the Scyther One and Pichu, and chansey :)

7th December 2009, 3:36 AM
The Chansey game, Egg Emergency, by miles. I was very addicted to it and I was even getting the hang of playing it with my eyes closed... yeah, maybe that's being a bit sad/obsessed. xD

Clear Cut Challenge was always a winner too and the Pichu one was amazingly easy.

8th December 2009, 7:56 AM
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-Flaming Charizard-
8th December 2009, 9:45 PM
I love th Eevee one, hitmontop one, and scyther/pinsir one. Love 'em!

13th December 2009, 9:34 PM
Gutsy Golbat or Pichu's Power Plant. I can't decide which one I like the most.

11th January 2010, 8:53 AM
Egg Emergency and Clear Cut Challenge. The latter was my first minigame but I loved it after I tried it a few times.

11th January 2010, 4:48 PM
Mine in Pokemon stadium 2 is counting and that with eevee

12th January 2010, 1:47 AM
I miss the Togepi roll and the eevee food one. Although I never found the mini games increased the happiness on my pokemon much :/

12th January 2010, 4:58 AM
my favorite mini games are the veggie game with the mayor, the ballon game and the ghost hunter game! those are ones i'm willing to play all the time! what i love about the balloon game is how much money you can get just my getting platinum status!

i totally do not like the kayak game and tennis and the ski jump..

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13th January 2010, 5:00 PM
Mine was the Chansey game. it was the best, for sure.

15th January 2010, 4:59 AM
I liked all the mini games from Stadium 1 & 2. They were really fun.

17th January 2010, 4:01 AM
My favorite has to be either the Chansey Game or the Ekans ring toss.

20th February 2010, 10:50 AM
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22nd February 2010, 2:18 AM
Topsy turvy!!!

22nd February 2010, 2:24 AM
What about the Scyther/Pinsir one? I always "FC"ed that one.

Tsukiomi No Kaze
22nd February 2010, 9:26 PM
my favorite one had to be the delibird one because of how friends would try to sabotage each other, it was hilarious.

23rd February 2010, 12:52 PM
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2nd March 2010, 7:16 AM
I havent seen anyone mention this one, but its the Mr. Mime one that was like a four- way pong on steroids. I always had fun with that one
On Stadium 1 I loved the Power plant one with pikachu, voltorb and electrode, where u mindlessly had to tap A the fastest, but pichu's powerplant was similar only that B was introduced. Both were still fun nonetheless

3rd March 2010, 9:19 PM
I remember playing Donphan over and over again XD But my favourites were Barrier Ball (Mr.Mime) and Furret

7th March 2010, 1:15 PM
My favorite one was Igglybuff and Cleffa's counting one.

21st March 2010, 8:27 AM
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1st April 2010, 12:19 PM
I liked Clefairy says i think it was called. Also the one where you count all of the pokemon that go by, and the chansey one.