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Sweet May
17th July 2009, 5:36 AM

Draw a circle, there's the Earth!
Draw a circle, there's the Earth!
Draw a circle, there's the Earth!
I'm Hetalia!

Welcome Hetalia fans to the first official club made by yours truly. This is basically a club to talk about the webcomic Hetalia: Axis Powers created by my 145135136th god, Himaruya Hidekaz. So lets' get started~

Rules (for the heroes!)

All General SPPF and Club rules apply!
You don't really need to be a fan to join but if you plan on posting, it has to stay on topic!
All fanart posted should be provide with a source link.
Give two good reasons why you want to join! Also tell us what country you hail from!
Shipping talk is allowed. No one is to bash others or ships or just characters in general.
Breaking the rules twice means you're out of here!
All banners/graphics that are made for this club should be given credit if used.
Have fun and PM me for any questions or concerns.

Sweet May - America
raglflagl - Philippines
WGCV23 - Puerto Rico
mewluvr200 - Canada
Mel-Girl - New Zealand
Xashlei - Philippines
Kiseki - America

Biens (goods)
None. Post to add a graphic to our list!

пр*дм*т (topics)
1. Who are you and why are you here?

Claimed Nations - PM me if you know a chinese translation for it!
For even more goodies, we get to claim a nation here! ^_^
Feliciano "Italy" Vargas
Ludwig "Germany"
Honda "Japan" Kiku - vital regions taken over by mewluvr200
Alfred F. "America" Jones
Arthur "England" Kirkland - vital regions taken over by Sweet May
Francis "France" Bonnefoy
Ivan "Russia" Braginski
Wang "China" Yao - vital regions taken over by Mel-Girl
Antonio Fernandez "Spain" Carriedo
Lovino "Romano/S. Italy" Vargas
Elizaveta "Hungary" Héderváry
Roderich "Austria" Edelstein
Gilbert "Prussia" Weillschmidt - vital regions taken over by WGCV23
Toris "Lithuania" Lorinaitis
Feliks "Poland" Łukasiewicz
Raivis "Latvia" Galante - vital regions taken over by Xashlei
Eduard "Estonia" Von Bock
Natalia "Belarus" Alfroskaya
Vash "Switzerland" Zwingli
Tino "Finland" Väinämöinen
Berwald "Sweden" Oxenstierna
Sadiq "Turkey" Annan
Heracles "Greece" Karpusi
Gupta "Egypt" Muhammad Hassan
Matthew "Canada" Williams
Im Yong "Korea" Soo
Kong Kong
Peter "Sealand" Kirkland
Grandpa Rome
Holy Roman Empire

17th July 2009, 5:24 PM
PASTAAAA. Yay for Hetalia.

I was introduced to Hetalia by a friend of mine (GUESS WHO) and I started watching/reading it. I found it really funny (mainly the manga, but the anime is really funny too) and the art's really reaallllyy cute (err... except for France when he's... naked).

My favorite nations are Sealand, Iceland and Japan. I also like everyone else, though. 8).

So in short, I'm just a huge fan of Hetalia. I find it really funny and the art's really cute too. Also, it's hard to hate the characters.

Also, from the Philippines n____n. Idk, waiting for it to get into Hetalia ):<

Aren't there like 298309480234823094 more characters than what you have listed in the claims? D:

17th July 2009, 8:33 PM
Is Finally Aproved!!!!!!.

I like To join :D.

Well I am a really big Hetalia fan thanks to Sweet May. I really like to watch the episodes they are really funny , I like the art work in them . This Anime to me is very different than the others in very different aspects and I like how the NAtions are portrayed during this War time :D.

I am from the Carribean Island called Puerto Rico ( I really Wish my Country gets Portrayed in this Anime )

My Favorite Nations are: North Italy, Rusia, Prussia, Germany and Japan

If I get to Claim a NAtion it will be : Prussia C'mon both of us Share the same name

17th July 2009, 8:46 PM

Sweet May defiantly brought me into the fandom, and I haven't been able to leave it since. Just the concept of making history fun by putting hilarious scenes and bishies that you can't help but love is pretty awesome.
I've recently been reading the manga as well, and am totally in love with it. Hidekaz Himaruya really has a unique mind to create something like this.

I've recently been quizzing my parents about WWII, and apparently I know more than them by watching anime.

My favorite nations are Japan, Prussia, Estonia, Lithuania, N.Italy, Hungary, England, France and America.

I'm from Canada, the nation who is almost invisible. ):

If I may claim a country, i'd like Japan please ~
If I could claim a second one, I would so claim Estonia. ;;

18th July 2009, 4:01 AM
Lolololol I'ma join, bb. <3

Who are you and why are you here?

Hi, like Nata, I've been influenced by Cyn into watching Hetalia and I find it very cute and addictive! It's also got yaoi so hell yeahz. <3 In any case, sign me up for the club!

I'm Mel-Girl and I'm from New Zealand and I hope there will be an NZ in Hetalia cuz that would pwn, yo. ;D

I need to start on the manga too. :3

My favourites include China, N. Italy, Chibitalia, England and America! Especially China, aru! XDD Idk why though, he just seems cool. Plus he can fight with pots and pans and stuff. And he's the awesome big bro to Japan. =DDDD N.Italy and Chibitalia are just gorgeous and England and America are a snazzy duo, gotta love them too.

Um, I'll snatch the vital regions of China!

19th July 2009, 12:00 PM
Hello Sweet May, thanks for making a Club about this lmaooo. Well, I got inspired to read (then later watch) Hetalia because several fanartists I watched on dA would have submissions based on it.

Well, reasons to join? One, ragl, Yoshi, and you are in here. Two, I... I guess I've been in a Hetalia slump (FOR SHAME), so discussions might get me back into actively looking through it.

I am from the Philippines like Yoshi and ragl. Yup, I know the both of them. Personally Philippines for me should be a boy (so he can smile for no reason, play 'sipa', and point with his lips) but if it'll end up being a girl, she just better not be some boring kind and meek girl like we're usually depicted in our classic Pinoy books. :[

Fav regions are China, America, Russia, Japan, Italy Bros, Latvia, Hungary and... uhm... that's it for the ones I like most. I don't hate anyone in Hetalia.

Oh snap Mel-Girl's taking China away. *=BLEEEEEEP=* Owell, I be taking Raivis (Latvia) tyvm.

Megg Lavender
19th July 2009, 4:53 PM
*looks around* I guess I’m joining. ^^;;

The reason why I want to join is because I’d like to discuss the anime with other fans…and maybe clear up some confusion. (I’m a little confused with the anime at the moment. XD; ) But other than that, I’m really enjoying the craziness of the anime. XD

How I got into Hetalia was simple; a girl from DA mentioned it (But I don’t know her well, I just admire her works. :3), and she goes by the name of Heldrad. Since she created wonderful art (especially of Hetalia), I wanted to check out the anime. And once I saw it, I nearly laughed the whole time. The randomness is so funny, and I really enjoyed it!

The country I’m from is America, although I’m Filipino (or Filipina). I moved in America when I was very young. And like Xashlei, I hope there would be a Philippines in the anime. It would be interesting to see what he/she might do.

As for favorite characters, I guess I have a few. They are: Japan, Italy, England, China, America. But I like Japan overall for some reason. Eheheheh… ^^;;

And lastly…I’m not sure of who to claim, so I’ll skip on that. ^^;

Sweet May
23rd July 2009, 8:46 PM
Okay so I think posting more shall get some activity, y/n?

Welcome to all the members! I will add you all to the first post in a brief moment! For now a new topic to give some more discussion!

So I assume you all seen/finished the first season of Hetalia... what was your favorite episode and why?
I know it's kind of like "what's your favorite manga strip but we'll save that for another time

FanArt display from me coming to a post near you!

24th July 2009, 2:59 AM
Yay topic ~

So I assume you all seen/finished the first season of Hetalia... what was your favorite episode and why?

All the episode are lovable, its hard to pick! ;;

Well, I loved the final episode (drunk!England, come on, that's awesome), but I did love epsode 4 (Japan's first appearance) and Episode 15 (CULTURE SHOCKED JAPAN).

And any episode with America and Japan is <333333333333

24th July 2009, 6:24 AM


I'm Canadian all of the way, babe! Matthew rules!

I would like to join because Hetalia is one of the most awesome series ever (thank you Sweet May for getting me addicted to it :D ) and because Hetalia is also such a fun series for yaoi ships (another reason why I like it)!

I would also like to claim my Hetalia Bishie please: Ivan "Russia" Braginski!


So I assume you all seen/finished the first season of Hetalia... what was your favorite episode and why?

So many good episodes, but my absolute favourite so far is episode 8 when Italy is captured so many times and the Allies keep sending him back XD

24th July 2009, 6:32 AM
I'll join~

I come from America. :] but my ancestors/parents from Spain and Nicaragua~

I like the cultures of this show~ and it's very addicting just for 5 minute episodes. XD

I got into it from my friend who's also a hetalia freak (for N. Italy. XD)

I like America, Russia, Austria, and Holy Roman Empire.

If I get to claim, I'd like America please. If not, Austria.

So I assume you all seen/finished the first season of Hetalia... what was your favorite episode and why?
The episode where Germany goes grocery shopping. The stereotypes. Oh god. XD

24th July 2009, 8:57 AM
So I assume you all seen/finished the first season of Hetalia... what was your favorite episode and why?

That's a really hard one, 'cause all episodes are really good. ):

I'll have to say Episode 13 is my favorite. Probably because I watched it so many times of the opening. The part where Italy and Germany train.

I like the Sealand episode a lot, too.

I always find "NUMBERS!" "ONE!" to be really cute.

Also, if you don't mind, can I claim Sealand? ;;

24th July 2009, 11:59 AM
Who are you and why are you here?
I'm Wormow, Wormy, Wormwow, WormShow, etc. Got introduced to Hetalia awhile ago when I found out it was shonen-ai/yaoi getting an anime adaption. As much as I like it, the episodes should be longer. Cause I love the whole thing, I want more. >:

Favorite is England, and of course Italy, but stuff him. :D

So yeahs, I joins teh club.

24th July 2009, 11:11 PM
Oh snap Mel-Girl's taking China away. *=BLEEEEEEP=* Owell, I be taking Raivis (Latvia) tyvm.

It means we both have good taste in Hetalia characters, bb. 8DDDD

So I assume you all seen/finished the first season of Hetalia... what was your favorite episode and why?

The China episode where he's talking about Japan's growth and development and when they watch the moon together and all this stuff. It totally made me notice China and rewatch the eps and notice him more and also convert me to China x Japan. 8D So it helped me find my fave Hetalia ship and fave Hetalia character. How's that for a hell yeah? XD

Oh yeah, Grandpa Rome's song is epic. Italy's song to Germany is epic. I think epic singing runs in this family. 8DDD

And I need to get on with reading the manga already! I have too many anime/manga series to catch up on, dangit. XD

Can't wait for season two of Hetalia either! :3