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Shadow XD001
24th July 2009, 12:02 AM
Riolu & Lucario


Hello fellow Serebii members. This club is about Riolu and Lucario. Riolu is the pre-evolution of Lucario. Both of these Pokemon are special because they are aura Pokemon. We have all seen these two Pokemon in action, and they are very cool. How about a topic: What got you into Riolu and Lucario?

That being said, I now present to the most important thing of all...........the Rules! You MUST READ them THOROUGHLY.

1- ALL SerebiiForum and Club Rules apply
2- PROPER GRAMMAR No 'so i herd u liek midkipzzzz' It's understandable if your English may be off, but be reasonable.
3- Of course, only talk about Riolu and Lucario. Also, Fan Art can only be about Riolu and lucario and say the club name. (with the ~*~*~*~)
4- No bashing, trolling, flamming, etc.
5- No Double, Triple etc. posting. If you do one, delete it IMMEDIATELY
6- In your first post say Aura
7- I pick the co-owners; you don't
8- If you (or co-owners) deny you, don't whine and keep pestering us to be accepted. You WILL be reported.
9- Only join if you'll be active (not 24/7, but you know what I mean)
10- NO ONE-LINERS. The first time you do it, we (co-owners and I) will tell you about and the next time it happens, you get a warning
12- HAVE FUN!!!! If you aren't, we (co-owners and I) will make sure you have the best time here!

Shadow XD001 - Owner

What got you into Riolu and Lucario?

Fan Art: (give credit and go by the rules here)

None, stay like that

Banning System:
One Warning
Two Warnings
Three Warnings
Banned for a week
Banned for a Month
Banned for a year

Shadow XD001
24th July 2009, 10:50 PM
Hooray, my club got accepted! Remember, read the rules and we will all do great here!