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Light Venusaur
25th July 2009, 1:30 AM
Pokémon 24:
4x Charmander (SW)
3x Charmeleon (SW)
3x Charizard (2x Base (or SF) 1x SW)
2x Baltoy (Proxy~Worlds Deck/GE)
2x Claydol (Proxy~Worlds Deck/GE)
3x Sneasel (LA)
3x Weavile (1x DP1, 2x SW)
1x Uxie (LA)
2x Darkrai (2x GE, 1x#3-1x#4)
1x Darkrai Lv.X

1x PlusPower (Base)
2x Warp Point (DP1/MD)
1x Cynthia's Feelings (LA)
1x Rare Candy (SS)
1x Felicity's Drawing (GE)
2x Moonlight Stadium (GE)
2x Night Maintenance (SW)
1x Switch (DP1)
1x Luxury Ball (SF)
1x Premier Ball (GE)

10x Fire (but currently: 5x Water/5x Fire~as you can tell, the Water are proxies for Fire)
4x Dark (Special)
6x Dark (Basic)
2x Rainbow

25th July 2009, 5:30 PM
Hi LV :)
This looks like an interesting deck. I'm guessing you're trying to make it as old-fashioned as possible with the base cards, so i'll try not to ruin that.

I think with the amount of techs you're using you should be playing Bebe's and Roseanne's to get them out faster rathe than just hoping to draw them. And once you have Weaville and Darkrai out, you're going to want to have dark energy in play rather than fire so i would drop some fires for darks, and maybe up the rainbows for emergencies. I don't think you need the plus power because Charizards are made to KO. Speaking of which, i'm tempted to feed my own Charizard SW to the gerbils because its attack's so bad. Play SF/Base instead for the power and more consistant attack.
Other than that, your draw power seems fine, and i'd be interested to know how well this deck does.

Light Venusaur
26th July 2009, 12:15 AM
^Well, I almost made it to the top 8 in the Sydney (Australia) State Championships with it.

31st July 2009, 1:33 PM
Cool deck! Respect harizard is my fav pokemn with Moltes. I have the base set 1 charizard with energy burn! Pretty nice deck! Would u like a rayquaza from Legends awakened for one charizard?

Light Venusaur
31st July 2009, 1:43 PM
As it is, I'm after 2 more of the Zard's....then this deck is complete.