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The Baron of Fate
26th July 2009, 6:06 AM
Hello there, one and all. Today, I bring to you a unique, and possibly thought-provoking question. Just recently, I was training a new team of mine, (Isn't working out...XD) and I noticed something quite peculiar. I had trained my three pokemon, E-Vire, Gyarados, and Dusknoir for quite some time, and they were at nearly the same level. However, My E-Vire had stats that were THROUGH THE ROOF, while Dusknoir's was moderate, and Gyarados' was quite pathetic.

I understand that all pokemon can get to 255 as their max stats, but I wanted to know one thing after noticing this:

Which Pokemon have higher stats then others?

I have thought of many theories: Could it be because Vire has a baby pre-evolution? Maybe because he was one of the pokes to gain an evolution in the newest Generation? Heck, maybe Nintendo just likes him!

I have searched the web for a place to find the stats of all the pokemon in PMD2, and I only found one site, the site where the wondermail generator is. However, that site is wrong, as it only lists up to the third generation pokemon.

So I ask you, from experience, which pokemon have you trained that has had stats that were above average?

DO NOT come in here saying, "OH CHRZARD IS BESTEST! IT LERNS HEAT WAVE AND blahblahblah." This is purely for stats, not movepool or what happened once with you.

(I don't think this belongs in the help thread, as it would only get one answer. Hopefully, this could spark some sort of discussion/conversation, and we can get a list of powerful team members.)