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the jman
3rd August 2009, 8:29 AM
This club was approved by mod Ellie+
Hi and welcome to the runescape club. Not very many people like runescape and get flamed for playing it. Before you post here I would prefer it if you were over combat level 40 in RS so as you have experience in the game and no what your talking about instead of saying "whats that".
Only talk about runescape here and DO NOT GO OFF TOPIC.
Normal rules all apply.
I will try too get all threatening posts deleted and i hope this place is heavily modded so as theres no flaming posts.

THanks. if you wanna post your levels i would prefer you put your levels in your first post.

Account sharing here is not allowed.What i mean is you cant give out passcodes but you may give your username.

A first post should look like this. "hi my name is tysly6 on runescape. my combat level is 86 and i have 70 att 68str 65def ECT"

Remember please only post if your over level 40 in runescape

Thanks again

The jman

Co owners
No one as of yet

empoleon bonaparte

the jman
4th August 2009, 12:52 AM
anyone who joins and is active may become "co-owners"

the jman
5th August 2009, 4:49 AM

Empoleon Bonaparte
5th August 2009, 8:55 AM
Can you join if you're a retired player? I used to play. Look me up in the highscores; El Mare.

the jman
5th August 2009, 9:31 AM
sure your in. What level were you ever? can you remember?

Divine Retribution
4th December 2009, 8:33 PM
Ill join, im level 78+1.

5th December 2009, 1:40 AM
This club has been bumped, so therefore i'm slapping the closed sign on it. Don't post in topics over a month old.