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5th August 2009, 2:10 AM
Serebii.net has just updated with this:

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Adventure Squad Series

The three WiiWare Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games were released in Japan today and as such, Nintendo has revealed a variety of special events in order to get a variety of Pokémon within these games. The details are as follows

First, there are several passworded Pokémon available. First, Manaphy is available in a mission if you enter the Wonder Mail code; H%42 15NY MJ0% SYSH. In addition to this, the official site has revealed the password to obtain the Johto starter Chikorita in a mission 4T#H XW#0 YRM= 5&@7
As well as passworded Pokémon, Nintendo also revealed that Pokémon missions are to be given over the WiiConnect 24 feature on the Wii. The first one of note allows you to get Mew in your games. This Pokémon is only available from August 7th to August 16th. You need to progress through the story in order to get it. Many more Pokémon are to be given in this manner.
Finally, they revealed that a variety of special missions will be downloadable over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in a similar manner to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky missions currently going on in Japan. However, they did not give any further specifics.
We'll bring more on these as they come.

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9th August 2009, 3:40 AM
I'll be looking forward to the coverage of these games, as I am trying to decided if I should download them now or wait for the English versions.