View Full Version : Dam burst

15th August 2009, 3:40 AM
this is my dam burst deck and its dam as in river dam for you immature people
rate please

1 Empoleon (Stormfront)
2 Prinplup (Platinum)
4 Piplup (Majestic Dawn)
2 Steelix GL (Rising Rivals)
2 Abomasnow (Stormfront)
2 Snover (Stormfront)
2 Gligar (Skyridge) I like this gligar the best
1 Gliscor (Legends Awaken)
1 Mamoswine (Stormfront)
2 Piloswine (Stormfront)
4 Swinub (Stormfront)
2 Regirock (Legends Awaken)
1 Metagross (Legends Awaken)
2 Metang (Legends Awaken) No.65
4 Beldum (Legends Awaken)

2 Felicity's Drawing (Rising Rivals) i think
1 Bubble Coat
1 Energy Search

8 Fighting
8 Metal
8 Water

oh and i will only pay up to 4$ on a single card if needed