View Full Version : Graveyard Voices (or somesuch name, haven't really thought about it)

Blackjack Gabbiani
15th August 2009, 11:25 AM
I dropped out of playing for four years and consequently have VERY limited access to any set before Platinum. So no Roxanne's or anything like that. Here's what I managed to cobble together from what I had with Mr. Raichu's help.

18 Psychic Energy

2 Sillouette Duskull (Stormfront)
1 Disable Duskull (Diamond/Pearl)
1 Astonish Duskull (Secret Wonders)
2 Dark One-Eye Dusclops (Stormfront)
1 Confuse Ray Dusclops (Stormfront)
1 Damage Even Dusknoir (Stormfront)
1 Darkness Mist Dusknoir (Stormfront)
1 Reaper Pulse Dusknoir (promo)
2 Crobat G (Platinum)
4 Mimic Chatot (Majestic Dawn)

2 Warp Point
1 Rare Candy
1 Broken Time-Space
1 Night Maintenance
2 Pokédex Handy 910is
2 Poké Radar
1 Dusk Ball
1 Luxury Ball
1 Quick Ball
1 Pokémon Rescue

3 Looker's Investigation
1 Cynthia's Feelings
3 Volkner's Philosophy
3 Underground Expedition
3 Bebe's Search

Now, before you ask, I don't have any Dusknoir level Xs lying around. I don't have any Claydol, or Uxie, or any of the major draw cards.