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16th August 2009, 12:30 PM
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I apologise again about the delay in Episode Pictures. They will be up as soon as possible. Since Heart Gold & Soul Silver has been announced, the Chatroom (http://www.serebii.net/chat.shtml) & WiFi Chatroom (http://www.serebii.net/chat-wifi.shtml) have been booming with discussion & trade respectively so be sure to visit them.

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In The Games Department

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Adventure Squad Series - Version Compatibility

I have been asked about the details of the various benefits of having all three of the new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games downloaded on your Wii. As such, as part of our coverage, I have added a page detailling these differences and connectivity functions. Click the picture to go to the page

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In The Pokémon of the Week Department

Who's That Pokémon

Once again going into the 4th Generation Competitive Battling strategies, we are covering our one-hundred & twenty-seventh Pokémon. Today, we focus upon a Pokémon introduced in the third generation. This Pokémon is a psychic Pokémon who's lower evolution obtained another evolution in the fourth generation. It is said that it can create a small black hole to help defend its trainer if its trainer is seen to be in dange. So here it is, the one hundred & twenty-seventh featured Pokémon, Gardevoir.

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