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Kaele Kajin
17th August 2009, 5:26 AM
This my Darkrai deck. I've tried it at my local league and so far it is pretty good, but I think I need some help with it. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Get Darkrai and all three Darkrai G's out as fast as possible. Attack with darkrai and get him leveled up by t3. Keep the defending pokemon asleep as often as possible while i'm attacking.



3-1 Darkrai Lv.X line (3 Darkrai MD)

3 Darkrai G

3 Misdreavus SF (secondary attacker)

2 Unown G


4 Moonlight Stadium


1 Luxury Ball

2 Premier Ball

3 TGI-Sp Radar

2 Night Maintenance

2 Pokemon Rescue

4 Pokedrawer+

4 Pokedex


2 Cynthia's Feelings

3 Volkner's Philosophy

4 Bebe's Search

4 Roseanne's Research


9 Basic Darkness Energy

3 Psychic Energy

17th August 2009, 7:01 PM
Put 3 Misdreavus' from Stormfront in their. They go well with your sleeping deck and are great for stalling while you get your Darkrai's out and ready for an attack.