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The Reaver
23rd August 2009, 8:05 PM

Heya guise. This is a fun idea I had for a deck. When the SV scans came out, I saw the new Metagross and, because it is such a powerful Pokemon in the video games, I wondered if there were any other powerful Metagross variants in the DP-on sets. Turns out there was (the one from LA), so I decided that it needed a chance to be put into a deck!

Pokemon - 28
2/2-2-4 Metagross LA
2-2 Weavile (LA-SW)
3-1-2-1 Magnezone (DP-DP-DP-LA)
2 Uxie LA
2 Unown G

Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums - 18
2 Warp Point
4 Rare Candy
4 Bebe's Search
4 Roseanne's Research
3 Felicity's Drawing
2 Broken Time-Space
2 Conductive Quarry

Energy - 14
6 Basic Metal
4 Special Metal
4 Special Darkness

The idea here is to take advantage of Darkness and Metal Special Energies, as the topic title hints. Metagross is a Metal-type Pokemon, so it has the advantage of being able to use Special Metal Energies, allowing it to take hits with no sweat. His Poke-Power allows me to bring something up to the field (such as a Claydol) and smash its face with a charged Extra Comet Punch.

Weavile turns Metagross evil so that it can utilize Darkness Energies, but it also grabs Darkness Energies from the deck to charge Metagross up faster. I usually manage to get two Darkness Energies onto Metagross, powering a charged Extra Comet Punch up to 120.

Magnezone, while a rather slow tech, acts as a secondary attacker, with the DP variant able to pump out some decent damage with its Metal Blast attack. I used to run a 1/1 (DP/SF-5) to grab Pokemon from my deck, but I figured the SF one didn't have enough attack power, so I replaced it with another DP. The X, along with the DP variant, help provide more movement for Metagross with the Magnetize and Electric Trans Poke-Bodies giving Metagross free retreat and whisking away its Metals in case it needs to.

Uxie is for drawpower. I might not have enough, though.

Unown G is crucial in a deck that relies so much on Poke-Powers. I'm thinking of adding in more, just because it is that important.

Warp Point helps with movement in case I don't have Magnezone out. The Candies and BTS help with speeding up evolution, though I might take out some Candies to put in PlusPowers or something.

Felicity's combos with Conductive Quarry. I discard an energy or two to grab 3 or 4 cards, and then I use the Quarry to get the energies back. I might consider replacing the Felicity's with Claydol (1-2), because they slow the deck down a bit and don't allow me to use Bebe's or Roseanne's.

The Energies should be fairly obvious. I used to run two Lightning and 4 Basic Metal, but I figured I could survive with just Metal Blast and not Crush Volt.

So, on with the ratings! Remember, this deck is a fun one, but regardless, it more likely than not needs help.

Changes that might be made:

More Unown G
Take out Felicity's for Claydol
Taking out a DP Zone for the Lightning SF Zone was suggested, but I don't really like the idea (I'll explain later if asked why)
Super Scoop Up to clear up cluttered bench