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24th August 2009, 12:52 AM
Hey, I'm chicksineggz and since I was bored I decided to make an account on here. I'm not really much of a pokemon fan, but I do own Pokemon Platinum and whenever I'm around my little cousins (who LOVE pokemon) , for some reason playing the game becomes so much fun. xD

My favorite thing to do on Pokemon Platinum is chain for shinies, and I also think digging in the Underground is really fun.

24th August 2009, 12:55 AM
hey chicksineggz, welcome to SPPF read the rules and enjoy your time here and if you need help contact me via pm/vm ^.^

24th August 2009, 10:07 AM
welcome read the rules and have fun^^

m!ss p!nk
24th August 2009, 10:10 AM
Welcome ^^ ...

24th August 2009, 10:19 AM
have fun and enjoy your time here!