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26th August 2009, 4:24 PM
The Fighting Type Club

Welcome, one and all to the wonders of the Fighting Type Club! As the name suggests, this club is a place designed to be the perfect discussion club for the fighting type, with topics to discuss what our favourite Fighting Types are, what we like about them, why thy type isnít a popular as some others and many more different topics. The type doesnít necessarily need to be your favourite to join; you just need to like the type in some form, and one or two of the Pokemon in the type range. Hariyama is the nominated as the temporary mascot of the Fighting Pokemon club, as a pure fighting type that shows perfectly what the type is all about. Strength and determination. In joining, youíll hopefully pledge to be active in the club from this point on, and allow it to join the higher clubs in a long prospering life.

In case someone isnít certain about what Pokemon are fighting, and what Pokemon are not, this (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/fighting.shtml) link should provide you with all the fighting types you need to see.

1. Follow all Serebii Forum Rules, especially those pertaining to the Clubs subforum.

2. To join, you must state clearly you wish to do so. No secret codes or messages, just simply state.

3. Respect all other members. One of the most important rules, I will not have bickering an arguments in this topic, regardless of your excuse for it. I will allow debate of course, as not everyone will have the same opinion about everything, and I understand that. Heated Argument should be taken to PMs, however, anyway, and shouldnít clutter up the forum.

4. No One Liners. By my personal judging, a one liner is a sentence or a couple of sentences with little to do with the discussion, and one that doesnít go over one row of the page. These are SPAM and will not be tolerated in this topic.

5. Do not ask for the Co-Leadership. They will be appointed once a significant amount of members have joined for there to be need of a Co-leader. Depending on interest, there may not end up being Co-Leaders at all.

6. No flaming other types. Just because we happen to support the fighting type, doesnít mean we should start hating on the psychic type and the flying type for being able to defeat us in battle. (A stronger trainer would be able to overcome weakness anyway). No flaming other clubs at all, in fact, as thereís no real reason and it makes everyone involved feel worse.

7. Do not Minimod. Unless you are a site mod itself, you have no authority over my decision or in fact any authority over other members, unless youíre a co-leader. As such, donít do my job please. If you wanted to lead this club, you should have made it yourself rather than leaving it for me to do.

8. Donít feel forced to post daily. Whereas activity is important to the club, donít feel like you have to post all the time. Once or twice a week is fine to show me that you care enough about the club to help it keep going rather than letting it die. This isnít a rule as such, just advice to the members of the club.

9. Only One New Topic a Day: Excluding the first day, all topics made from then on should be made once a day by any member, and only one topic per day. Breaking this rule is slightly better than breaking the others, so Iíll most likely be slightly more lenient.

The Punishments for breaking the rules are as follows:

One Rules Broken: A warning.
Three Rules Broken: 1 Week Ban
Five Rules Broken: 1 Month Ban.
Ten Rules Broken: Permanent Ban.

The Members List:
Handymankg2 Ė Owner (http://www.serebiiforums.com/member.php?u=108625)

Well, hereís a few topics to start us off:

What is your favourite Fighting Type and why?
Why do you like the Fighting Type enough to join the club?
What Fighting Type Combinations with other Types would you like to see in the future? (For example, Fighting and Flying)

27th August 2009, 8:37 AM
Hurrah, the club was accepted. I'll respond to my own topics, then.

What is your favourite Fighting Type and why?
My favourite is Breloom, as my favourite fighting type, it honestly is mainly for design. It was also for practicallity, though, as I've used it in multiple run throughs of Pokemon Ruby simply because it can fit in so well with all three of the starter Pokemon (in my opinion). The only problem with Breloom is the four times flying weakness, but I'd usually have an electric type to deal with that. I also love both Hariyama and Toxicroak, Hariyama for the effect it made on my Ruby Fighting Monotype, and Toxicroak as it's the only Fighting Type from the newest gen that I really like in terms of design and originallity.

Why do you like the Fighting Type enough to join the club?
Well, mainly, I love the design of most of the different Fighting Type Pokemon, and I really like the moves that have been given to the type, such as Force Palm, and Hi Jump Kick. I think quite a lot of the moves are really creative, like Vacuum Wave, for example. I also like how diverse the type is, with quite a lot of double typed Fighting Pokemon in the game, including some of my favourites like Breloom, Heracross and Toxicroak.

What Fighting Type Combinations with other Types would you like to see in the future? (For example, Fighting and Flying)
I'd like to see a Fighting and Ground combination, mainly because they're my favourite two types, and it would be interesting to see how they'd pull the Pokemon off. Fighting and Rock would be prety good also, and as suggested, Fighting and Flying. I could imagine a Farfetch'd evoultion being part fighting type.

6th September 2009, 7:08 PM
I'd like to join. I've read the rules. My favorite fighting types are Breloom and Machamp. I like Machamp because he looks cool and also strong. And i like brelooms type combos because grass and fighting are a powerful and interesting type combo. I also like combusken.

17th September 2009, 11:39 PM
I am writing this post because my computer wouldn't load the post editing screen, anyway I can make the club banner when I go to my dad's house. The comp at my mom's takes forever, hope the club gets more members. :). I hope im not double posting.

1st October 2009, 5:23 PM
I would like to joining this fighting type club
so to start off

What is your favorite Fighting Type and why?
Well I think my favorite fighting type would be Riolu, it a great fighting type that is technically a legendary type so that's what makes it special, not to mention the fact that it evolves into a steel/fighting type later on that i think is really cool.
Why do you like the Fighting Type enough to join the club?
i really love fighting type personally, they are great at attack and the moves are really powerful and cool to watch, secondly the fighting type is SUPER Effective against 5 TYPES of pokemon only tying with ground which makes i a great pokemon to have on the team

What Fighting Type Combinations with other Types would you like to see in the future? (For example, Fighting and Flying)
I think a cool combination would be electric/fighting or ghost/fighting, it really adds the move set needed by pokemon teams. i can imagine some new type of pokemon springing on a new game coming soon....