View Full Version : Just here to say hi

28th August 2009, 5:08 PM
Hi, im brawler1235. Some of you, but i doubt anyone here may no me from the SOS brigade.

I mainly post in the RMT section of forums as i can help making teams, im just not good at using them. lol

Also, i have a question. How do i get my avatar to show up. Normally, you just copy the propories of an avtar on the forum, but its not working for me. Thanks!

28th August 2009, 11:40 PM
Hey welcome. I see that you're from CT, I am as well ^_^ Make sure to read the rules and all that, as for the avatar question it seems to be showing up to me.

29th August 2009, 1:36 AM
Well, i kinda didnt want a pokemon sprite for the avatar, but its okay i guess. And, lol, is CT the RMT section?