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Mr. Joker
1st September 2009, 7:44 AM
Hello! This is the club for the great books written by Suzanne Collins. These great books have adventure, romance, and a laugh or two along the way. There are 2 known books out right now in the three book series, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire! There are two main characters in these books, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (Please note these characters are just from the first book, due to Catching Fire just being coming out and I have not read through it yet so there may be more).

A few rules:

-Please only discuss the books in the series
-Until I say otherwise, please keep all discussion about Catching Fire in Spoiler tags. This also goes for any speculation about the third book.
- No Smilies.
- Please don’t ask to be Co-owner, mod, whatever, there won’t be one.
-There is a 2 line and 7 sentence minimum per post. Seriously, I hate when clubs get spammy.
-Stay Active, this means you must post once a week (Unless you say that you will be gone). You will be put on the inactive list if you are not. Once put on you must post three times before being put onto the active member list.
- Anyone who is on the Active Members list can make topics.
- Have Fun!

To join this Club you must follow these guidelines in your joining post:

-3 line minimum
- name your favorite character
- What books you have read

Active Member List:

Mr. Joker (Owner)

Inactive Member List:

No one, I would like to keep it that way.


None So far

Fan Art:

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Enjoy your time here!

Mr. Joker
2nd September 2009, 3:06 AM
I'm bumping this to get to the first page! Okay, I went to Wall-Mart today and bought Catching Fire. I am only on page 39 right now, I am hoping to pull a all nighter and read it all before the weekend =D.

New Topic:
How did you get into The Hunger Games?

Oh yeah, I found some amazing Fan Art~!
By Aleatoire09 on DA.

Just as a FYI, I am a obsessive supporter of Katniss and Peeta.