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7th September 2009, 11:49 AM
Hi everyone! My name's Kathryn. Everyone calls me Kitt so don't bother. I'm 12 this year. I do look old for my age.

My ancestors are Chinese but I was born in the States. That is why I root for both the Americans and the Chinese in the Olympics.

Anyways, my favorite games in the Pokemon series would be Ruby and Sapphire, and Leaf Green and Fire Red. I'm a 'Master' Coordinator and I've beat the Elite Four about 4 times as of yesterday. When I just started playing again. My ultimate goal in pokemon life as of now is to pwn the Elite Four using one pokemon: my Zapdos.

My favorite pokemon are, well i have a lot, but: milotic, lucario, eevee, espeon, umbreon, gallade, gardevoire and glameow.

I really like to eat. Don't ask me why.

I like RPGs, and I have a wii, a gameboy advance, a DS, a playstation and an XBox. I don't actually use all of them.

I love reading, and my favorite music includes stuff like Lily Allen, Katy Perry, Korean Pop, and Taylor Swift. Changes daily. I miss the states. People here in China - well, when they sing you want to jump into a river and drown yourself. No offense to them.

My future aspirations in life include being a chef, a lawyer, an author, a singer, or an actress.

Wish me luck!

L.O.L. [lots o' love]

7th September 2009, 1:33 PM
Hi Kathryn!
welcom to the forums!
im the same age as you!
read the rules and have fun! plays some games! have some laffs!

7th September 2009, 1:46 PM
o-o. Same age? WOOWWW! You're my new bessttt friend. :) I'd actually rather be called kitt. Don't you think Kathryn is a bit dull?

Erik Destler
7th September 2009, 3:44 PM
I think Kathryn's a lovely name, but if you prefer to be called Kitt, go for it gurl!

Anyway, welcome to the forums! :D

7th September 2009, 3:49 PM
Heyy Kitt , welcome to the forums ! (Ironic since I joined 8 days ago ;p)

Anybody who's favorite pokemon includes an eevee or its evolutions is a friend of mine!

Have fun !


7th September 2009, 7:34 PM
Hi Kitt, welcome to the forums :)

7th September 2009, 7:36 PM
Too many welcomes o: welcome to the forums,have fun we now have your soul o:

7th September 2009, 7:58 PM

7th September 2009, 11:28 PM
o-o. You have my soul? Thanks for the warm welcomes, you guys!

7th September 2009, 11:49 PM
Welcome kitt!!! as you like espeon and umbreon like me, now we can be friends!!!
be sure to follow the rules and have loads of fun in the forums!