View Full Version : Sapphire Scramble Challenge

9th September 2009, 11:12 AM
So I skimmed through the site and tried some moves based on it. Maybe it'll help since I haven't started and might look to the details.

NOTE: This is a scramble challenge and I'll point out the details I must have... *sigh*

Manectric (Ray)
- Shock Wave
- Thunder Wave
- Crunch
- Howl

I can't decide this, Shedinja is a totally bad addition ;_;

Pikachu (Pic a chu)
- Volt Tackle (if it's able from Emerald)
- Thunder Wave
- Iron Tail
- Slam

Kadabra (SirMixAlot(SC nickname))
- Future Sight (SC, must be the only Psychic move)

- Yawn
- Focus Punch

Whiscash (Whiskers(SC nickname))
- Rest (SC)
- Snore (SC)
- Waterfall

That's all I can get so far, I hope I can get it right. I appreciate all the ratings and comments I got :)