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dream pray
11th September 2009, 7:40 PM
to the zabuza/haku fan club!!
this is a club for the ones that like haku and zabuza!(or for the ones that likes naruto)

the rules: all sppf rules, don't talk about any other manga, only naruto.
be nice to each other, don't spam or flaming other people.

there are just a few question's...

why do you like zabuza/haku?

more question's coming soon!

1 CO-leader's max.

I will ask for a banner for the club!

why do you like zabuza/haku: I like zabuza because of his sword and he is very cool and haku because of his nails and fastness and his mask

leader: dream pray


member's: nobody yet

rank list:
zabuza(zabuza is the CO-leader)
elite ninja
normal ninja
low ninja

warning list:no one
1 warning 1 day ban, 2 warning's 1 week ban, 3 warning's 2 week's ban
4 warning's 1 month ban and 5 warning's permanent ban

banned list: ancient pray for not using the userbar.
and that is a rule, and he didn't wanted to be in the club anymore.

rank list:
hokage: dream pray.
haku:no one
elite ninja:no one
normal ninja: no one
low ninja:no one

I have some future ideas for my club...
If we have enough member's I will tell you.
If you want to join post in this club!
Here are the userbar's!





credits goes to gladeshadow for making the userbar's!

new! point system! every member begins with 50 points!
if you get 100 points you get 1 random shiny!
for every post you get 10 points.
you can have like 200 points to get 2 shinys and 300 for 3 shinys!
and for every 100 points you get from low ninja to normal ninja
200 points more and you will become elite ninja
500 points more and you will be haku rank!
and if you are a member in the club you must put the userbar in your sig!
have fun:)

ancient pray
14th September 2009, 4:33 PM
I would like to join, I like Zabuza alot, cause he slays everybody for a phew bugs, and because he can deal so much damage with just 1 kunai and no arms.
I like haku because he's so stupid and braindead, that he offers himself for zabuza, but in the end zabuza respects him and loves him, and that's good in 1 way, bad in the other. I don't like the idea that everybody keeps thinking that a killer can become a good person in hs last minute, lol. I want to become the CO-leader, may I join?
Our account names look the same, mainly because I know you IRL.

dream pray
14th September 2009, 4:43 PM
that's one member!
thank you for joining ancient!
and ancient: your banned for not using the userbar and cause you wanted to be banned

ancient pray
17th September 2009, 5:49 PM
Yeah yeah, I know, I just don't like the sceptiles on every single userbar, and the fact that there is only you right now and this club started for like a week ago, means that nobody will bother be here anyway, sorry, just the way it is ~

dream pray
17th September 2009, 5:53 PM
yeah I know.
but know there is something new isn't it?

ancient pray
17th September 2009, 6:07 PM
Big deal, still nobody will come just because of that.