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Excitable Boy
26th September 2009, 11:19 PM
Damage the little guys to make the big guys TEH SUPORZORZ 1337 WREKKIN MASHEENZ MLAHAHA!!!!!!111oneoneleven


4x Gastrodon West Sea RR
4x Shellos West Sea RR
4x Ursaring MT
4x Teddiursa MT
2x Uxie LA
2x Groudon LA
2x Claydol GE
2x Baltoy GE

Twaining Twainerrzzz

4x Bebe's Search
4x Roseanne's Research
4x Pluspower
2x Broken Time-Space
2x Stark Mountain
2x Professor Oak's Visit
2x Leftovers
2x Buck's Training
1x Luxury Ball


11x Fighting Energy
4x Rainbow Energy

Shadow Eeveelution
27th September 2009, 5:49 AM
A little strategy could help..I understand better,,,

Just play NightM/Pokemon Rescue..every deck needs them