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Mr. Joker
3rd October 2009, 5:47 PM
The Now Generation - The High School Club!

Hey all! School has started once again and with the sports, friends, school work, and drama, I thought that it would be kind of nice to have a place to talk, rant, pour your feelings out, get advice, and/or give advice with people who know what it's like. This is more of a discussion club, like the G/L Allience, there will still be topics and such though ^_^


- Stay Active
- No One Lineing
- Be friendly and such
- Keep all Rants and any discussion that is over PG- 13 in a Spoiler Box.
- Try to keep swearing down.
- Use GOOD grammer.

How to Join:

- Make a Post saying that you want to join!
- Tell us a little about yourself.
- Post must be at least 3 lines long and include your grade.
- People that have graduated from High School are allowed to join (High School means 7th - 12th Grades) but people who haven't started High School are not allowed.


7th Grade:

8th Grade


Mr. Joker (Owner)






Okay, school is in session! How has the first couple weeks of school been for ya?

Okay People, Join!

3rd October 2009, 6:24 PM
I guess I'll join!

I'm in 7th Grade and started on Sept. 8, 2009. I am doing pretty decent in school actually. My Elementary School went up to 6th Grade, so now I am in Middle School. It's great at my Middle School. Middle School is something new for me. I don't really have any enemies at Middle School. My Middle School is only 7th and 8th Grade and the 8th Graders are kind of annoying. Another thing that annoys me is that some people ask me if I am Jewish, which I am. It annoys me because people specifically ask me that question. Some kids also make "jokes" about Jewish people like one kid said something with the word Jew. Whatever. My Middle School is pretty good.

Well, I hope I get in!

Pokemaniac Erika
4th October 2009, 10:42 AM
Hiya! I would like to join, please.
In my place, elementary school went from 1st to 6th grade, then we have junior high school from 7th to 9th grade. Senior high school went from 10th to 12th.
I just started my journey on senior high school last July, so I'm in 10th grade now.
My school is a favourite high school around my place (fwee!) and I'm kinda proud I passed the selection and get in that school :)
I have no problem with people around, everything is find except the part I got a funny nickname from a few of my friends XD (I just can laugh if they call me with that name)

Mr. Joker
5th October 2009, 6:43 AM
Welcome to the club Torp and Erika!

A little about myself: My name is Adam, I am 15 as of last month. I am a in the closet pokemon fan. I have my butiful girlfriend who I do intend to spend all my life with, I get lost in her crystal clear eyes all the time. I love music, Clasic Rock and Pop are my favorites. I love to read and intend to be a writer when I grow up, I am currently working on a original fiction that I hope to one day publish. I am also on speech!

the jman
5th October 2009, 7:16 AM
I would like to Join. Im in 8th grader, And i get good grades. I am on the Track team, and in a very rare case im in varsity. I hated High school initation, if you walked in town, the seniors egg'd you, or beat you up in a alley way. IT SUCKED! anyways our teachers have been making us do projects already and it sucks, cause there hard and theres lots of pressure. I guess being in high school is to have your life be a living hell.

5th October 2009, 8:33 AM
I'll join. I'm live in Australia and am in Year 10, only one term left though! I'm fifteen, which is younger than the majority of our year, and I love certain parts of my school. As per usual there are a lot of ****heads in my year, but I am in all the highest classes so I get to ignore those people (except for PE when our classes occasionally combine). I get along with all my teachers, and a surprising amount of kids in my year, despite being a 'nerd', and overall my best subject is French.

Pokemaniac Erika
5th October 2009, 12:15 PM
Yay! I'm in! :D

Hmm, how about a little bit about myself?
My real name is Erika Kartika. But Kartika isn't my last name, it's my middle name (I won't tell complete name, tho) I'm an Indonesian
I'm single, fifteen, an underground pokemon lover (nobody likes pokemon around my place ;_; )
I love spriting, reading, surf the internet, drawing, and doodling around my text book (Bad habit, duh).
My best subject is language specially English, and I just learned Japanese recently (my Chinese lessons when I was in junior high school really help me out here).
I have a sister here, called Pokefan Nadya and she's on 7th grade now.
I'm also Japanese lover, so don't get shocked if I suddenly humm a Japanese song (mostly anime XP).
Hmm, what else? Okay, that's not a bit anymore I guess.

fango pango
5th October 2009, 5:55 PM
i'll join seen as i want to get back into the clubs forum and i want to enjoy a talk to people in high school...although they call it secondary school here,im in 8th grade and started the school year on the 3rd of september 2009,im better at maths,P.E and creatibve writing(english ok...but im better doing crewative writing in english)i really enjoy some partsd of our school(e.g.the ICT rooms...although they still ****ing filter)also i am 12...and still havent lost my virginity(tell a little about yourself...i will ok)of course i got friends...but im only into my 2nd year in the area i live in :l...and of course i got some shitheads in my school(these include the 23% that do drugs)and i am not a nerd or anything...just a normal kid who does his school life with a cool peaceful attitude

21st October 2009, 2:54 AM
Lulz just realised that this thread exist :o.

Well I am a Junior in my High School atm. I am on the Basketball team ( I am their Starting Shooting Guard ) , The Football Team ( Punter and WR ). This Year has been stressful cause of the Projects and lots of work I have this Year. I am member of Club Deca . Been enjoying my times there with my best friends so far.

21st October 2009, 8:39 PM
I live in England, so we don't have grades.

OK, so about me: I'm not on any teams, but I'm pretty decent at rugby (Our school is a big rugby school). My best subjects are ICT, French, English, and Maths. I'm enjoying most aspects of school (well, maybe not waking up in the mornings, but everybody hates that). I am, as some people are in this thread, an underground/in the closet Pokemon fan. Most people in my school thinks it's either stupid or don't have an opinion. I like listening to music, reading, and I play the guitar. Most people consider me a 'bod' (nerd, clever-clogs, take your pick), which I don't really mind.

I haven't seen this club, I would of joined before if I'd seen it.