View Full Version : Oh Hai!!

3rd October 2009, 8:45 PM
Well hey there,i'm new and just wanted to say Hi!
Though i've already made a few posts it's only cause i did'nt notice this place sooner....my bad!

3rd October 2009, 8:49 PM
Welcome to Seribii

3rd October 2009, 9:17 PM
lol hai!
Welcome ^_^

Paranoia Artist
4th October 2009, 1:43 AM
Hi hi :) I'm new too

4th October 2009, 10:31 AM
All hail the King! *bows down*

Don't worry about the few posts nobody will mind ;) It's not a big deal or anything so you're cool. Have you read the rules? They're very important so please do. Have fun around here! ^__^

I'll add you as a friend if you like :) Hopefully the first of many :)