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3rd October 2009, 11:18 PM
..And, in a truly foolish moment, I've signed up to this site with my name spelled wrong. I believe that the correct internet term for this would be "facepalm." Maybe it'll become a nice story to tell, or something. Is there any way I can manually change my name as other people view it?

All unforunate occurences aside...

Hi! I'm ShinyKe- erm, ShiniyKecleon. I've joined this site mainly for the fanfics section. You see, I'm writing a Pokemon based story (AKA fanfic), and would like to have it edited/rated/given suggestions. Besides that, I need to have my overinflated writing ego brought down to earth lest it skyrocket liking a Bouncing Gyarados. Will you accept the challenge?

Hopefully, I'll participate in other parts of the forum so I'm not a one-track user. I'm a pretty nice guy once I know you (I think), so I might as well spread my jam of kindness across this forum.

So, anyway, if you ignore the misspelled name, you'll just see some amateur writer trying to subject his overrated stories to the rest of the internet. Oh joy.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a chapter to edit.

4th October 2009, 12:11 AM
LOL pokemon

Standard procedure here...welcome and all that, THIS IS NOT A ONE LINER!!!

4th October 2009, 2:11 AM
Welcome to serebii forums! :D

Im krystle. ^^ Hope you like the site. I joined mostly because of the spriting section. :D

4th October 2009, 11:33 AM
OMFG!!! SHINY KECLEON!!! *thorws ultra ball*

Aaargh! Almost had it! *kecleon fleed because of creepy guy*

Welcome to the forums! Please read the rules and have fun! ^__^

I'll add you as a friend if you like :) Hopefully the first of many :)

4th October 2009, 12:04 PM
Welcome to the forums! ^^

Too bad your user name, but I think there's a way for you to change that. Just dunno what it is. xD

Cool, you're a fanfic writer. And it's about Pokemon too. LOL. Like I said, COOL. xD

Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay here. ^^

4th October 2009, 12:07 PM
Unlucky bout the name :P, Enjoy your stay here :D :D :D

4th October 2009, 3:59 PM

Welcome to this forum....

4th October 2009, 4:40 PM
Welcome. I look forward to your fanfic :)

5th October 2009, 1:28 AM
Whoa. I actually got replies.

I've seen a few other forums where you can manually change your username depending on how you want other people to see. I'll look around for it...

Er, to elaborate, I'll probably post the fanfic tommorow, so to those who seemed even the slightest bit interested... well, wait until Monday.

5th October 2009, 1:31 AM
hi welcome to the site!

5th October 2009, 2:13 AM
Eh, don't worry about the name, we will all love you anyhow. =D

My name is Eivana. I am a very friendly person who is a Silver fanatic and loves to post around in surprising places. If you want to be friends, then send me a message or leave me a visitor message.

And don't worry about the misspelling... It gives it a touch of you! =D