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7th October 2009, 3:51 AM
Alright, so club 2.0 is locked from inactivity and the Anti-Cloning club is one of the most popular ones.

We must end this insanity.

So new club!

Ok, so, here's the basics written by the last club head, Master of Fossils:

This club is basically for people who enjoy cloning.

There are only a few rules here.

1) No complaining about how cloning is "wrong." It’s just a game and we’re just having fun.

2) You don't need to have Emerald, you just need to have a positive disposition on cloning.

3) You must have a link to the club in your sig. Certain exceptions may be made.

4) Do not directly bash Anti-cloning mambers. you will recieve a 1 week ban on first offence and a permanent ban if you do it again within a month of the last ban (3 weeks)

Anyone is free to join as a member. Also you may become a Co-Owner if you earn it. We also need some people to make sigs and other images for us, so more people will know of our club. Please post the Image links even if you already did in the last thread so I can put them here.

What Do We Do?

We basically talk about what pokemon or items we're currently cloning. And, to celebrate the release of Diamond and Pearl in the States, we'll be giving away legit clones of event pokemon that can't be obtained in any way other than going to events that may be hundreds of miles away from where you live! I will put up people who will be giving away event legendaries as soon as they post.

How Can I Join?

Just post here, and your entry is guaranteed as long as you approve of cloning.

How do I clone?

In Pokemon Emerald, it is very easy. You deposit whatever you want to clone in the Box, items in your character's PC and Pokemon in Lanette's. Then, you save. After that, you WITHDRAW your Pokemon/items and go to the Battle Tower, furthest right counter. DO NOT SAVE. MAKE SURE YOUR GAMEBOY IS NOT CONNECTED. Answer every question affirmatively, and choose two random Pokemon when promted. Either setting, 50 or Open Level, is fine. However, eventually, there will be a long pasuse, presumably for no reason. There will be a normal save window directly after that. Do not save, and then turn the Power off. You will now have two copies of the Pokemon/items you cloned, one in Lanette's/Your PC and one in your Party/Bag.

There is a much more complicated method, however, in D/P/PT. This method is very tricky, with a much greater chance of failure, and Nintendo might ban you from Wi-fi. I truthfully do not know all of the details of this method, but someone else may say it.

Nothe that the Cloning tutorials are my own work, as, much as I am too lazy to raise the exact same Pokemon again in my Emerald so I can use it again after I send it to Diamond in Emerald, I am too lazy to copy Youtube links.

Anyway, banners would be greatly appreciated, whether from original makers who give us permission to use them, or brand new banners.

Here's a list of the current clone services:

-Lv. 57 MYSTRY Mew: Golem Guy
-UT Lv. 50 Shadow Lugia: GolemGuy

To start us out, we need a topic. We can have as much as five at a time, and a topic is "dead" when it is not mentioned for the last 3 pages. At that time, we can make another topic. Anyone can make a topic.

What are YOUR own unique reasons for cloning?

Oh yes, and a member list. Banned members in italics.


Master Of Fossils (honorary, of course she gets it for being a past owner)
Sir Crocodile

Normal Members

9th October 2009, 6:12 PM
Yes. We are approved.

Anyway, my own reason for cloning is as mentioned in the post: I put so much time and effort into raising my Pokemon in my RSE games, and I want to use that effort in DPPt while still being able to use that effort in the Battle Frontier.

12th October 2009, 5:25 PM
i want to join,i clone so i can share my legendarys and items with others without having to charge alot.
i can clone stuff but ill need to get my game back first which should happen soon

12th October 2009, 7:34 PM
i want to join,i clone so i can share my legendarys and items with others without having to charge alot.
i can clone stuff but ill need to get my game back first which should happen soon

17th October 2009, 11:36 PM
Sasukeanditachi, you are APPROVED.

Hey people please join our club.

18th October 2009, 12:08 AM
The only time I've cloned Pokemon was with G/S/C, (ah, good times...) and I don't have Emerald, so I can't use that.. However, I hugely approve of cloning, so I ask permission to join. :)

18th October 2009, 12:33 AM
Bam, accepted.

the elite trainer
8th February 2010, 1:57 AM
I can't clone, but I like cloning.

Can I join?