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7th October 2009, 9:25 AM

Kris, as you are likely to know, is the female player character in Pokèmon Crystal Version. She was the very first female player character in the games, setting the standard for all of the later games. Kris is the only female player character to have appeared in only one game, being later replaced in the Gold/Silver remakes by Kotone (though this is understandable, as Kris was not in either Gold nor Silver). In the anime, Kris makes an appearance as Marina, who aspires to become a 'Pokemon Idol'. Kris also makes her way into the Pokèmon Special manga, playing the role of an expert Pokèmon catcher and kicker of balls, and the Golden Boys manga as an avid explorer. This spunky adventurer has captured the hearts of many despite having made only a brief appearance in Pokèmon history, so if you love Kris (and her logic-defying pigtails, have you SEEN those things? :0) then join the Crystal Coalition!

-It should go without saying... all of the Serebii rules still apply in this thread.
-No bashing. Seriously. Having an opinion is fine, but there's a difference between that and openly bashing a character or shipping.
-Trrrryyyyy to be active, okie-dokie?
-Nobody likes double/triple ect posts, or spam, so don't spam or double post pleeease.
-Follow all the club rules too obviously. Go read them if you haven't >/
-If you aren't a member or asking to be one, don't post.
-Pleasepleaseplease credit all fanart you post that wasn't done by yourself.
-Kris likes it when you post your fanart and banners and such! :D
-Remember: Spoiler tags are your friend! When talking about the manga/anime events involving Kris/Marina, try not to post any significant spoilers out of tags! Some of us are still catching up on the anime. Like me :C
-ALL discussion should be related to Kris, this goes without saying. Any member can start a new topic, too~
-To join! Just post saying that you'd like to join, and state why you like Kris! (or you could reply to the current topic, it doesn't really matter)
-HAVE FUN!! Seriously! :0

-Strikes wut?-
Here's the deal on rule-breaking: you break a rule, you get a strike. A more serious offense can result in two strikes, and an accidental or very minor one will simply get you a Half-strike, which mostly means that you don't have a strike, but it will be easy for you to get one if you break a rule again.
So basically
Minor offense (i.e. straying off topic) = Half-strike
Offense (i.e. not spoilering something crucial) = strike
Serious offense (i.e. bashing) = double strike
3 strikes = ban
2 months with no rule breakage = loss of a strike :D
Make sense? Gud.



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Froggle- Owner

8th October 2009, 6:26 AM
Woo approved! Bumpy bump! :0

the jman
8th October 2009, 6:45 AM
Hi I would like to join. Can we discuss other seldom female characters such as Blue?

8th October 2009, 5:11 PM
Sorries, but I can't accept you if you don't properly ask to join :P Read through the rules a bit more thoroughly?

Also, this being a club made in honor of Kris specifically, I would prefer it if discussion didn't stray to other characters. Sorry ^_^;