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10th October 2009, 4:02 PM
Hello there! It's so very nice to meet you!
I'm Minami, just had this account registered.

Have been playing Pokémon since the first generation. Back then, I was rushing through the game with just a Charizard and some other under-leveled Pokés, and this strategy could hardly work in-game now, heh.

I did restart the later generations games for a handful of times, felt more contented playing it as the story goes, rather than earning those frontier titles.

10th October 2009, 4:03 PM
hey there
and welcome to serebii

10th October 2009, 4:19 PM
Welcome :) I like to restart my games too. the adventure is a lot of fun.

10th October 2009, 4:46 PM
Welcome to the forums!

That strategy still works in-game. At least for me anyway. I use to be like you. I would go straight through the game with nothing but Sparky(my pikachu) at my side. Please read the rules and have fun! ^_^

I'll add you as a friend if you like :) Hopefully the first of many :)

Dan The Poke Man
10th October 2009, 4:55 PM
sup dude i only restart when im bored

10th October 2009, 6:37 PM
Welcome to the forums. Have fun!

10th October 2009, 6:43 PM
I'll try to get on this forum daily and gradually increase my posts.

@Skull-Kid, yes, let's get to know each other.