View Full Version : Game help...not video game, serebii game ^.^''

14th October 2009, 1:27 AM
ok, well i have a game on the games forum section, and its running pretty smoothly but, i end up having to update it a few times once there are ten lines in each poem (and incase you have no idea what im talking about this is my gamehttp://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=418126) and I feel bad for having people wait for me, and i am not able to update it enough /c of school. So i need a way to keep the game running without me having to update it every ten minutes?

anyideas? i really need some help XD

and if i put this in the wrong spot..sorry ^^''

14th October 2009, 6:19 AM
You should just ask in the game as someone already playing would be more likely to take over. Or simply let others complete the poem and post the new theme.