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1st November 2009, 2:24 PM
This is my first deck so any advice welcome
Number / name /Set if it says nothing for number it means there are only one

Regigigas Lv.x Promo
Regigigas Storm front
Ninetales Platinum
x2 Vulpix Platinum
Shaymin Platinum
x3 Wurmple Platinum
x2 Silcoon Platinum
Beautifly Platinum
x3 Lotad Platinum
x2 Lombre platinum
x2 Machop Storm front
x2 Machoke Storm front
Aerodactyl Rising Rivals
x3 larvitar Storm front
x2 Pupitar Storm front
tyranitar Storm front


x5 Grass
x7 dark
x4 Fire
x6 Fight

x2 Dusk ball
Luxury ball
x4 Potion
Double Full Heal
Bebes search
Pokemon rescue
team Galactics mars

the idea is that regi x uses sacrifice to heal himself and mega punch Lv x just gives him more hp , using some of the weaker pokemon to take out other pokemon getting in the way

1st November 2009, 5:42 PM
Wow, so many different types and too many Pokemon. And no Supporters? I don't see how this can be consistently successful.

There are far too many other cards to get Regigigas out right away. Get a Luxury Ball, or a Bebe's Search Supporter. And so you won't have to sacrifice too many Pokemon and give your opponent free Prizes, get some Roseanne's Research Supporters as well, as you'll be able to get up to two in Basic Pokemon or basic Energy.

Geez, Crobat's Flash Bite and Supreme Victors Mankey can destroy that Regigigas LV.X in one turn...

1st November 2009, 5:51 PM
so on your advice i have updated bebe's search ,team galactic's mars and one luxury ball