View Full Version : hi people

4th November 2009, 1:48 AM
hello people of serebii... i am here!(obvious) i've been a fan of serebii for years, and i always look at the forums 2, so today i wuz like "what the heck, i'll join" so... yeah

4th November 2009, 1:52 AM
Welcome dude :), read the rule if you haven't already and follow them, and enjoy your stay

4th November 2009, 3:10 AM
welcome on dude.

4th November 2009, 5:53 PM
Welcome to the forums!

Please read the rules and if you have any questions just ask.

I'll add you as a friend :)

4th November 2009, 6:16 PM
welcome to the forums
if you want me to make you a banner just ask