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infraction happy mods
11th November 2009, 8:01 PM
Hello this is a complaint I have for the mods and not to sound whiny or anything but can you please direct any moderators and Serebii here

hello I am infraction happy mods. Recently I had a couple of friends here who were banned for various infractions they received. I have seen that every time they do something wrong they never do it again and they get an infraction. I have also seen mods jump to conclusions and infract people over silly things such as giving advice on perfectly acceptable things here. One friend was banned because he made a list of all his favorite shippings. A mod infracted him saying he was trying to be annoying and that he was spamming. His whole post however was not complete spam. I checked the thread and no one was annoyed at all so that was an unfair infraction.

This same member was given a warning only once on a single event. This is the type of moderating I expect. A warning then an infraction but seeing as the mods are infraction happy (hence the name) they give infractions instead. This infraction was the cause of his ban. After having a couple infractions from before a mod gave him an infraction worth seven points than a regular one. This was because he posted a trading request in a thread that was eventually, to be closed since its use was no longer there. This increase the amount of infraction points.

So serebii can you make a code of conduct for the mods please? For situations such as these because my friend was banned unfairly.

11th November 2009, 8:07 PM
The mods do have a code of conduct, and your friends probably deserved the infractions they got. We have no obligation to give warnings rather than infractions. Your "warning" is reading the rules and learning them.

If you have a complaint, send it to the mod who gave the infraction, don't make multiple accounts and make threads to complain.