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24th November 2009, 9:54 AM
YUP newbie here my names raphee short for raphael yes indeed like the ninja turtle and im on here solely to get friends for my upcoming router. See i went to my friends house cuz he sed he has wi-fi and it was coming from a router! i had no idea how to get the wifi at home nor had i even been on yet. i had gotten this wifi max thing for your usb drive from another buddy but my friend didnt have the disc for it or whatever so im gettin a router for christmas! yaaaay! yep first wi-fi battle experience=i totally got thrashed by a japanese heracross at lvl.50 it murdered my steelix luxray and lucario in one blow each!! but anyways i will put up my friend code as soon as i figure out what it is and i have an azelf up on the GTS for a snorlax. i just love havin snorlax and teachin it surf!
;493;;egg; ;145;;105;;123;;142;
k thanks for readin!!
Peace out

BY THE WAY~~>when i get my stuff goin i have 4 skull fossils(that can be held by a pokemon when i trade it to you =) ready to be turned into cranidos, and 4 eevees, 3 gibles, a lvl.1 scyther that already knows night slash(?) false swipe and somthing else i forget, and i have a monferno that knows flamethrower because i taught my infernape flamethrower and had an egg. also i have plenty of dittos and i will work hard to get you anything you want as long as you help me out too ;491;

24th November 2009, 5:31 PM
Welcome to the forums!

I loved TMNT when I was younger. My favourite was always Donatello. He's so awesome :) The theme song was also catchy :D

That's a long story you got there and I'm pretty sure it unique to so congrats on making a unique introduction. You don't win anything though :(

If you're looking to trade please check out the trade forum. There's so many people there you'll definately get a trade. Once you're routers fixed or whatever.

Please read the rules and stay active! To many newbies leave in a day :(

*Incoming friend request*