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25th November 2009, 2:58 AM
First and foremost, I would like to say that this deck is Unlimited.
I failed to read the rules and regulations for posting, and I've troubled
a few people with this, my apologies to them. x.x

So, it's been quite a long time since I've played the Pokemon TCG.

I have a few reasons for why I quit, but the main thing was my mother had
passed away and my allowance had been cut off. It made keeping up with the
different sets, if at all possible. So, I gave up. But that's not why I'm here.

I've decided that it was time to touch back on my roots and to see how my
first TCG has fared in the years of my absence, and I'm quite surprised. When
did the Confusion rule get changed? It pretty much makes pokemon who can
confuse useless, unless you have the appropriate Stadium card.

My friend and I are using a card-battle program similar to Yugioh Visual Desktop
to play one another. It's called Redshark Pokemon Program, and It's not that
bad, actually. However, if anyone has a better program that they use, please,
let me know! (The graphics on RSPP kind of hurt my eyes D: ).

Anyway, I came here to ask for some help regarding this deck that I made.
It's called the Tundra deck. It doesn't have any sort of structure that I can
tell (I never could pick up on the whole deck structure idea when I first
started playing), and I could use some help getting familiar with some of the
new staple cards.

Tundra .V1 - Pokemon - 24, Energy - 25, Trainer - 11
4x Snover (SF)
2x Abomasnow (SF)
2x Swinub (TRR)
1x Swinub (SK)
2x Pilowswine (NRev)
1x Mamoswine (LA)
1x Articuno (MD)
1x Articuno Ex (RG)
3x Eevee (UF)
2x Glaceon (RR)
2x Barboach (HP)
1x Barboach (MT)
2x Wiscash (DR)

12x Water Energy
9x Fighting Energy
2x Double Colorless Energy
2x Double Rainbow Energy

1x Energy Recycle System
2x Energy Removal
1x Rare Candy
1x Professor Elm
1x Professor Oak
1x Energy Restore
1x Night Maintenance
1x Poke Radar
1x Energy Restore
1x Bebe's Search

25th November 2009, 4:29 AM
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25th November 2009, 7:55 AM
I apologize to the moderators. I failed to obey the rules in my rush to post this, and I
didn't notice the deck rating area above. If someone could kindly move this to the right
place, or delete this so I can make another post there, I would appreciate it. Sorry for the

25th November 2009, 10:47 AM
I apologize to the moderators. I failed to obey the rules in my rush to post this, and I
didn't notice the deck rating area above. If someone could kindly move this to the right
place, or delete this so I can make another post there, I would appreciate it. Sorry for the

That's alright. :p


25th November 2009, 8:03 PM
Now that it's moved I can rate :)
Alright first of all you have too many energys so get rid of about half of those energys. Have a out 15-17. Then start adding more trainers and supporters. Those are going to help you get your pokemon in your hand and onto the field. Also I like having 3 stage 2 pokemon and some supporting cards. Ie I have a 2-2-3 line for my salamence, empoleon and infernape deck with 2 suicunes. Anyway play around with it and adjust it to your liking.

26th November 2009, 12:12 PM
@}\--- A rose to your mother. ;-; Keep well.

Alright... To the deck:

Sigh... It's unlimited, and I won't know how many of what type of Energy you actually own or if you're willing to dish out cash on any cards. Special energy cards from Delta Species to Power Keepers are worth noting. In unlimited, you should be using attacks and Pokemon for their effects and not their damage; an example would be Jolteon ex. It spreads damage upon evolution, and there are 20 cards that can be used in conjunction with others or on their own to remove Jolteon ex from the Eevee it was played on to the player's discard/hand (from the discard if placed there via Pokemon Rescue/Pokemon Retrieval or something like that). For a random list, there are: Hyper Devolution Spray, Devolution Spray (with Pokemon Rescue/Pokemon Retrieval for recovery), Super Scoop Up on a heads, Scoop Up (with Pokemon Rescue/Pokemon retrieval), and Mr. Briney's Compassion. There may be more, but that's what I remember. It also is home to the greatest draw engine evah! So the Scoop cards with the engine that doesn't take up bench space and Broken Time-Space that permits insta-evolution means you get massive spread everywhere FTW!

If this is just a deck that you're running to be a deck and attacks like any other, I see some Pokemon that would like some extra Double Colorless Energy and some Double Rainbow energy, but they need their lines bulked. Make the Abomasnow line 3-3 or something, and make the Mamoswine line as think as possible. Add more Mamoswine, and keep the piloswine at two. If you add any more, then make the Swinub line match the amount of Mamo. Otherwise, you'll be fine. For evolution speed, you can run Rare Candy, Broken Time-Space, or Wally's Training or wutever it's called. It gets your evolutions out faster. For draw and basics, you can run 4 Challenge! and the obvious Bill, Erika, and Professor Oak. Just making your trainer line and Energy line good makes a deck, because you can get set up very quickly and attack with the multi Energy cards.


27th November 2009, 8:07 AM
That was some very informative advice, thank you LucXFros, and you as well Gallade.

Once I get the revision done, I'll post it here. I appreciate the advice and help.

28th November 2009, 2:33 AM
Tundra V1.5 Pokemon: 24, Energies: 24, Trainers: 12
3x Eevee (UF)
2x Glaceon (RR)
3x Snover (SF)
3x Abomasnow (SF)
3x Swinub (SK)
2x Piloswine (SK)
3x Mamoswine (LA)
3x Whiscash (RR)
1x Articuno (MD)
1x Articuno Ex (RG)

Side Deck
3x Barboach (HP)
1x Whiscash (DR)
1x Whiscash (DX)
1x Glaceon Lv. X (PK)

10x Water Energy
08x Fighting
3x Double Colorless
3x Double Rainbow

2x Challenge
2x Bill’s Maintenance
1x Professor Elm
1x Time-Space Distortion
1x Luxury Ball
1x Night Maintenance
2x Energy Recycle System
2x Energy Removal
2x Rare Candy

I know that the energy is still pretty high and the trainers are low, but I've made a few improvements to both.
Though, the changes are so minor that it may not prove much of a difference in battle. There's been quite a
few expansions that have came out since I quit, and I'm fairly certain the last set I saw was EX: Sandstorm.
I remember because I bought a Tin set that had a few boosters from the series. So I guess I can study the
cards from there and up.

I couldn't help but noticed how, um displeased? You sounded when you mentioned my deck was unlimited.
I never played by tournament rules when I played pokemon, not even when I went to the gym at my local
Hastings Book Store. My friend doesn't play tourny rules either, however. It would probably be best for both
of us to learn about the restricted rules. I'll check around for some additional information, and I may create
a version of this deck for the tournament setting.