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25th November 2009, 5:24 AM
Welcome to the Pokemon TCG club, to discuss all Pokemon TCG!

What is Pokemon TCG?

Glad you asked. It stands for Trading Card Game, and Pokemon has one.

Here are the rules:

1. *Insert all SPPF rules here*
2. No one lining. This is one lining:

hi id lke 2 join plz

Some one-lining is tolerated, if it's on topic and actually has a message to it.

3. ^That's also an example of chatspeak, which is not allowed.
4. Stay on topic. Don't have the club discussion be about video games, etc.
5. Don't ask to be co-owner. If you ask, you probably won't be co-owner. HOWEVER you can ask to be a Supporter.
6. If you want to join, please fill in this application:

Years playing the TCG/Experience:
Favourite card and why:
League/Tourny player:
Brief reason for wanting to join:


Username: Nidoprince
Years playing the TCG/Experience: I started around a few months ago, but I'm not a total rookie.
Favourite card and why: Deoxys EX (I opened it with my friends) or Hitmonlee Legendary Collection reverse holo (It's got amazing firework foil on it).
League/Tourny player: League player, haven't been to a tournament yet.
Brief reason for wanting to join: I love the TCG and practicly arrange my deck and go to the TCG forum of SPPF every day!
Other: I'm starting to go on Redshark and figure out how it works.

7. Be active! If you are not active for a month, you will have to rejoin.

8. If a co-owner or owner is inactive, everybody will recieve a temporary rank-up.

Active Pokemon (Owners and Co-owners):

Nidoprince 18

Supporters (People who help out with the club):

GalladeTheGreat 12

Benched Pokemon (Members):

darklord18 3
Liriane 2
Mi10ticFan 1

KO'd Pokemon (Banned Users):


Now for a little more explaining...

The owner is the head honcho of the club. He (I, Nidoprine) can ban, infract, and accept/deny members into the club and elect co-owners. The owner has complete control over everyone in the club (Except for SPPF mods, who may post if something serious is up).
The co-owner(s) are the back-up for the owner. If the owner is taking a vacation or something, the co-owner(s) gets the exact job of the owner. They regularly do everything an owner can, except elect co-owners and control the club completely when the owner is active. They have control over everyone listed below.
The supporters are the ones who are like the co-owners, but do jobs for the club such as supplying topics, providing fanart, helping with the club layout, postcounting etc. They can do that, and accept/deny members into the club. If the owner is inactive, and the co-owners are too (Or don't even exist) one of them will be handed the owner's job.
Members are what keep the club alive. They can suggest things to owners/supporters/co-owners, but the minute they something does not mean it will happen.


What's your favorite card (not Pokemon but card in general)?
What type of cards (lv x, SP, EX etc) did you like?
About how many rare cards (including promos) do you have?
What are you hoping for in the new LEGENDS series?

Current Poll:


Thanks for looking!

25th November 2009, 6:42 PM
hi id lke 2 join plz

lol, but seriously, I wouldn't mind joining. I haven't played for years so I'm really rusty at it, but I'd love to join! It's a fun game and with your asian, 10 year old, shiny Arbok card, it can be pretty cool :P I used to play and collect them as I've gained lots over the years, but last year, for Christmas, I gave them all but my Asian, 10 year old, shiny arbok and ekans, and my Rayquayza that came with my Emerald

25th November 2009, 7:40 PM
Yay, this got approved by *Insert mod's username here*! You gave away all your cards, huh...Well, if they were old cards, that doesn't matter because now they're not legal in tournaments anyway. Until September, you'd have to make a deck out of the newer cards if you want to play in tournaments. Anyways, welcome to the club.

26th November 2009, 7:11 PM
Okay, thanks...and wha-? I couldn't use my old ones? It's okay, hopefully the Rayquayza that came with my Emerald doesn't count =P

I'm in the cards mostly for looking at the pictures and what lame fake moves they give pokemon sometimes. I remember Charizard, Fire Spin, minus 150 HP and you must get rid of one energy card. 3-5 reds =P

I want to get back into them, so I may do it when I start working again since I'm too young to actually have a real job.

Mr. Joker
26th November 2009, 10:04 PM
I'd love to join please! I am a huge fan of the Pokemon TCG, been into it sense I saw the cards. I am currently obsessed with the Arceus expansion... My favorite card is my Dialga G Lv. X because I love the backround.

Lets make this club work and make it last longer then 7 pages like the other 4 clubs!

26th November 2009, 10:13 PM
Yea, none of my clubs seem to last long...anyways, for some reason I don't like the Arceus expansion that much. I'm a Psychic user, so thanks to Lucian and Fantina, Rising Rivals is my favorite set. I also like in that set how they make the same backround for every SP. I like a lot of cards, I can't tell which is my favorite. Out of the ones I have though, my old Legendary Collection reverse holo Hitmonlee is my favorite. It has kind of like a Fireworks foil. I have one regular to go with it as well. Anyways, welcome to the club!

27th November 2009, 4:45 AM
/\ can I join please.

I play the TCG but I don't collected it as much as I do.

and Rising rival are the set I focusing on getting. as it has many cards that I need for my deck.

27th November 2009, 5:18 AM
Same here. I need mostly Mismagius GL, Mismagius GL Lv. X, Gallade 4, Gallade 4 Lv. X, Alakazam 4, Alakazam 4 Lv. X, and Espeon 4. I'm gonna try and get a booster box of it soon.

2nd December 2009, 3:57 AM
Same here. I need mostly Mismagius GL, Mismagius GL Lv. X, Gallade 4, Gallade 4 Lv. X, Alakazam 4, Alakazam 4 Lv. X, and Espeon 4. I'm gonna try and get a booster box of it soon.

wow four of those I meed for my deck. (Alakazam 4 and alakazam 4 Lv X, Gallade 4 Lv X and Espeon.)

anyway a new Topic.

What your favorite card (not pokemon but card in general)?

umm let see well Glaceon Lv X for pokemon
supporter it Mom Kindness, I just like the artwork.
trainer it is Luxury ball. it effect is very good.

2nd December 2009, 4:57 AM
I wanna join!!!!

I have a whole bunch of cards (a binder filled to the max with several packs of DP andmostly Platinum) I haven't really went to my local card shop in a little while so I don't have the Arceus Expansion but I do have most of the Suprime Victors expansion (I apologize if I spelled Suprime wrong)

2nd December 2009, 5:20 AM
It's Supreme, with an e instead of i, just so you know, if you wanted to. Anyway, welcome to the club. Arceus isn't really a good set IMO.

What's your favorite card (not pokemon but card in general)?

Energy Gain is up on that list. Same with Time-Space Distortion and Roseanne's Research.
Some of my favorite Lv. X are Rhyperior, Giratina, Gallade, and some others that I probably forgot to mention.

2nd December 2009, 2:05 PM
What's your favorite card (not pokemon but card in general)?

Umm... can I choose two cause I like my Lucario GL, Kecleon combo... That muti-type with Boundary Aura are an awesome combo!!! (I'm pretty sure it's Boundary Aura, the Poke-Body)

2nd December 2009, 4:54 PM
Yea, I chose more. Yea, I have a friend that uses Lucario GL in her deck. Can't wait to open my Rising Rivals booster box, as soon as I get it.

I also LOVE Gengar GL and Uxie Lv. X. I never even use Gengar GL's Attack and Hide attack, unless I have Energy Gain attatched to it. I just spam confuse ray and I get some head starts. And Uxie Lv. X...Well, don't think Uxie under Uxie Lv. X is a bad combo, because Set Up is useful, then Psychic Restore is as well, since you can just put in under your deck when you use it. And Zen Blade is very good, 2 energy for 60 damage. Use Psychic Restore the next turn, then you can go back to Zen Blade. The only thing I don't like is Trade Off. I don't like the idea of putting your card at the bottom of your deck while drawing another card.

3rd December 2009, 4:39 AM
My favorite card is my japanese Shiny Arbok! n_n Arbok is one out of many of my favorite Pokemon

3rd December 2009, 2:56 PM
SWEET! Today I'll be ordering some cards off Ebay:

Dusknoir Lv. X
Roseanne's Research x2
Buck's Training
Energy Gain x2
And mabye TG's Mars x1/2

19th December 2009, 12:53 PM
Got Alakazam 4 a few week ago.

and yeah well may I put a topic.

What type of cards (lv x, SP, EX etc) did you like?
SP and owners

I love building deck base on my favorite characters. and they really nice style to them.

19th December 2009, 3:50 PM
What type of cards (lv x, SP, EX etc) did you like?

I liked SP and Shinies from the EX series. Other owner's Pokemon weren't that great because they weren't basic like SPs. Shines from the old EX series actually popped out of the box, like the Lv. X, which was great for that time. I also really like the idea of Lv. X because you're basically upgrading the Pokemon, and using some of the most powerful moves from the previous stage. My altime favorites now are...Legend Pokemon! I love the idea of using 2 cards together! Also Prime, because the art is awesome.

20th December 2009, 9:10 PM
Hello! I've been looking for this for a while now and I would love to join. I've been playing since the first Gen and took a break during the 3rd Gen, now I'm back and love it more than ever! I'll make my own application for fun

Username: GalladeTheGreat
Experience: 1 year with 4th Gen
Favorite Card: Gallade Pop Series 7 and Shinning Milotic from SV
Favorite Lv X: Heatran Lv X.
Favorite Series: Supreme Victors
Reasons for Joining: I love the TCG and I belong here :P

There...that's my application :)

21st December 2009, 12:52 AM
Accepted! I don't think anyone buys POP packs as much as regular boosters, but the only good POP cards I have are...

Lucario 8
Manaphy 9
Latios 7

I have some other ones, but they're not legal. I like some Lv. X other than others, but if there's an easy trade for one, I won't resist getting it, it's way cooler than EX. Mabye I'll use something like that aplication for the club as well.

Also, I have an important announcement to make: Soon, when the club has reached another page, all the members will be added, and mabye with ranks. I'll make a poll on the first post, and the poll will close on the first of January. Poll Question:

Should there be ranks in the club?

Majority wins. I won't vote because I have no idea what to do, and it's really up to the members.

21st December 2009, 3:24 AM
Yes but make them simple. Admins/Leaders then members and if the club gets big enough then Honoured Member which is basically for those in the club who have stayed active and dedicated.

21st December 2009, 3:34 AM
Yes: 1
No: 0

Looks like I'll be updating the members now. I'll edit this post with post counts. Oh yea: and if indeed yes is majority, one idea for ranks will be with types of cards, like Shining, EX, Lv. X, SP, Basic, Stage 1, Stage 2, etc. That might even be all of them, I can't think of anything else.

EDIT: Post count!

Nidoprince 10
darklord18 3
Bossk 3
Lucas666 2
GalladeTheGreat 2
Mr. Joker 1

Oh yea, whoever's been the most active with the most posts in a month's time (Besides me) will win a special prize. Don't expect a Pokemon Lv. X shipped to your door.

21st December 2009, 4:01 AM
Looks good!
So just wondering how many of you go to leagues. I really want to but there aren't any close by and from what I've heard only younger kids come in to play the TCG at my local card shop. I was thinking of trying to start one with the help my card shop but I have no idea how many people still play in my area. :S

21st December 2009, 4:23 AM
You can start one anywhere as long as you think your players will feel comfortable there. I go to one only, and it's really cool. All the people are nice, you can learn how to play or practice, you get free cards and people who are willing to trade. Mabye we'll have that as our poll after New Years.

2nd January 2010, 4:03 AM
Alright I have a question for everyone, being a TCG fan and/or collector what is your most cherrished card? I would have to say my Shinning Milotic from SV because it looks so so cool, not great for battling but one heck of a collectors card!

2nd January 2010, 5:05 AM
Well, here are 2:

1. Deoxys EX. I opened it up with my friends...good times...

2. Hitmonlee Legendary Collection reverse holo. My only awesome-foil card. The fireworks are blinding.

2nd January 2010, 2:16 PM
Can I Join?

I've been playing for about a year now and would love to join your club!! I have about 300 cards, not counting old ones. So, can I please join? Please? <8)

2nd January 2010, 5:26 PM
I'll vouch for you to join, btw I rated your deck, let me know what you think!

2nd January 2010, 5:32 PM
Can I join the club? I've been a TCG fan ever since I first bought Ex Crystal Guardians (well that's the first set I've ever bought).

I've been collecting cards and make decks out of it. Of course, Mr. Joker knows me, am I right? Btw I just know there are 4 clubs, I just joined in 2 :o

2nd January 2010, 5:36 PM
I vouch for you as well. Wait for our leader Nidoprince to come and accept you :)

2nd January 2010, 5:44 PM
Both of you are accepted! Please answer our survey in the club's front page when you have time :) Anyways, 300 cards, huh? That's a pretty good collection...EX Crystal Guardians? I think I started around...well, I started actually buying packs (Not having my Grandma buy me cards at the thrift store) around EX FRLG. I don't know for sure, but I have a picture of me with a FRLG booster pack in my hand, so it must be around then. New topic:

About how many rare cards (including promos) do you have?

Around 100 not counting my old ones.

2nd January 2010, 5:46 PM
Wow, yeah I think I have about the same 100 rare's. But I have like over 1000 cards and its way too many, I have no room for them haha.

2nd January 2010, 6:03 PM
I keep my cards in a big huge box, with loaders to organize them. It fits all my cards, and more.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The club will be undergoing changes when the club hits it's 3rd page. New rules, and such will be added.

2nd January 2010, 6:06 PM
Sweet! Can't wait to see the changes :). Also to all members, I think we should all have a link to the club in our sigs so we can help promote it and gain members! Its like free advertising for the club haha!

2nd January 2010, 8:28 PM
I Have eh, about 175 "rares" If that includes thing like Lucario, 150 without.
P.S. I left a new Decklist on my deck help thread (not a new thread just a new post)
P.P.S I like GalladetheGreat's Idea about the links in the signature

2nd January 2010, 10:09 PM
Yep I saw your new deck list, I gave you some more suggestions. I'm going to make a Roserade deck in a week. Its main purpose is to use special conditions because they can be a lot of fun to play around with.

3rd January 2010, 12:08 AM
Rare cards have a star on the bottom right corner, that's how you can tell, Liriane. Also, Uncommons have a diamond, and commons have a cirlce.

I know, some of the most common and cheap cards can win you a few prize cards. Such as Gengar GL, Skuntank G, and Crobat G. A Grass deck, like how you're doing, will be perfect for status effects. Beedril RR should be in there in that case, it's specialty is status.

Another announcement: Members are able to ask for links next to their name on the list, but only PTCG stuff, like decks and trade haves/wants.

3rd January 2010, 2:50 AM
If we have a deck we want rated can we just post it here? Or would you like us to run it through you first? Also trades should be done by PM as well I think.

3rd January 2010, 6:33 AM
Yea, and you can also have it linked next to your name. For trades, I'm talking about lists next to your name, like you have in your sig. New topic:

What are you hoping for in the new LEGENDS series?

There better be tins for Prime Pokemon! (I heard there are, but hopefully they'll come out in the US.)

3rd January 2010, 3:48 PM
Well I looked at the new LEGENDS set and its only 1st and 2nd Gen pokemon which are my favorite don't get me wrong but now there there's 200+ other pokemon I'd like to be able to get those as well so I'm going to guess that they'll come out with more packs with all the 3rd and 4th Gen. Overall it looks good, I love the artwork on all the cards and those Ho-Oh and Lugia cards look so cool. Anyway I probably will get the packs when they come out but I'm hoping they do more.

3rd January 2010, 5:52 PM
Is anybody going to buy the poster pack for LEGENDS HGSS? If so, will you buy the one with Lugia, Ho-oh, or both? I'll probably eventually get both.

It's almost time everybody, to do a post count~

3rd January 2010, 9:12 PM
Hmm I like both Lugia and Ho-Oh so I'll probably mix it up unless I'm looking for a specific card like Feraligatr. I don't think they come to North America till this summer anyway so until then I'll keep getting DPPt packs.

3rd January 2010, 10:09 PM
Me too, I'm going to do a Water deck with Feraligatr. I have the deck list somewhere, I'll show it here sometime when I find it.

Now for the moment we've all been waiting for...PLEASE WAIT UNTIL EDIT

Nidoprince 18
1st place winner:
GalladeTheGreat 12
2nd place winners:
darklord18 3
Bossk 3
3rd place winners:
Liriane 2
Lucas666 2
4th place winners:
Mi10ticFan 1
Mr. Joker 1

And so, the most active member award goes to...GALLADETHEGREAT! Congratz, and your prize will come soon.

3rd January 2010, 10:41 PM
Sweet! We need to get more members somehow :S

Let me know when you have the list up for that water deck, I want to see it when its done because I've been thinking of making one for myself as well.

3rd January 2010, 11:02 PM
There's no way to get members and follow the rules at the same time besides advertising it in your sig. FOUND THE DECK LIST:

All of these cards are from the Legend HG/SS collection:



Lapras x2
Octillery x2
Feraligatr Prime/Great x1/2


Delibird x2
Quilfish x2


Totodile x4/3
Croconaw x2/3
Remoraid x4
Marill x2


Pokemon Communication x2x
Switch x4
Fisherman x2
Pokemon Collector x2
Energy Search x2
Professor Elm's Training Method x2
Bill x2
Professor Oak's New Theory x2


Water x20

4th January 2010, 12:13 PM
Username: Rabidmunchlax
Years playing the TCG/Experience: 2-3 months ago I restarted after about 5 years of not playing and 1 year of playing
Favourite card and why: Mew* Delta species, it's my rarest
League/Tourny player: Don't do either as I don't know of any POP clubs nearby
Brief reason for wanting to join: To chat about cards and share my deck ideas

4th January 2010, 5:09 PM
Accepted! I used to collect and make a deck, but it was horrible. So when I say a few months ago, I mean that's when I started actually knowing how to play. Everyone, I have a new idea for a new poll--this'll help me out a lot.

What is better for Psychic decks: Legends Awakened or Rising Rivals?

I'm trying to figure out which booster box to do. I might use the lake trio if I get at least one of the Lv. X, and I might use Gallade 4, Mismagius GL, or Alakazam 4 Lv. X if I get those. I can get tradebait with LA (I already have promo Mewtwo and Rhyperior Lv. X) and I might use the Deoxys forms, the lake trio, and Mewtwo in my deck. With RR, I won't have as good of tradebait, but I'll probably get all the SPs I'm hoping for, and put most in my deck, plus Volkner's.

Keep in mind anybody can do this kind of thing.

5th January 2010, 1:09 AM
I think Legends Awakend especially if you can get those Legendary's

7th January 2010, 2:04 AM
Problem is, I just got 2 Lv. X from LA today (Magnezone and Azelf), and I already have 2 promo Lv. X from LA, which makes 4 Xs, so I'm not sure if it's worth getting the last 3 and other rares.

8th January 2010, 8:16 PM
Sorry I haven't posted in a while school's gotten in the way, but I'm back!! And I agree with Galladethegreat, LA is a great second option, and if you're going to run one "pixie" (uxie azelf mesprit) run them all.

9th January 2010, 1:20 AM
Which is why I need to get a lot of LA packs, but not a huge box. Anyone have suggestions on how to get good lots of LA packs? I might get the Regigigas box, that comes with what, 5 LA packs?

9th January 2010, 2:15 AM
Something like that, ya, I think. sometimes, it just might be cheaper to go on Ebay and buy indevidual cards, instead of a chance in large amounts. But, it depends on what you're looking for.

9th January 2010, 3:07 AM
Problem is, I need all these cards:

Azelf LA
Mesprit LA
Deoxys Defense LA
Uxie Lv. X LA
Mesprit Lv. X LA

The last 2 are like 30 dollars each. 20 is pretty much my maximum.

10th January 2010, 1:51 AM
Hmm...you could always look around for trades but I dont know where you'll find those cards besides here.

Alright I have an idea for a Regigigas and I will post it here and in Rate My Deck. Now unfortunatly I only have 1 Regigigas and 1 Regi LV.X but I can trade and/or buy cards to help the deck. I'll be using 3 types, Metal/Steel, Water and Fighting. I plan on using mainly basic Pokemon like Pokemon SP and Legendary's. So feel free to post your own Regigigas deck before me!!

10th January 2010, 3:19 AM
Yea, if I'm not getting a box of LA, I have no choice but to trade for them.

I would make a complete Regi deck, not just for Regigigas, if you're going to use Regigigas Lv. X, like how you're going to do. They're are a lot of options, such as Palkia and Dialga cards, every Regi, and more.

10th January 2010, 4:17 AM
Yeah I was defenitly thinking of using Dialga and Palkia. I have about 4 Dialga's and 1 Palkia. My main problem are the Regi's, I have none...I'm going to talk to my local card shop and see if they'll order some Legend Awakend for me.

10th January 2010, 6:19 PM
I wonder if they would sell individual cards to me in my card store...Anyways, I don't have any Regis either (That are modified and not Regigigas), you'd need to get lots of packs or order them.

13th January 2010, 4:28 AM
Yeah I realized I really don't have the cards for that deck so instead I made a Grass deck with Sceptile from SF as my main attacker. I'm going to post it soon and try it out tomorrow.

13th January 2010, 4:34 AM
Good idea. I wonder why everyone thinks Sceptile Arceus is so bad, it's not that bad. I like SF Sceptile better, but if I was stuck with it, it's not like I'd be like "OMG, I'm so not going to use this, even Treecko-Grovyle is better without Sceptile Arceus!" I actually have 2 Sceptile, I was going to trade one, but I think I might save it.

13th January 2010, 3:07 PM
I'm only using the one from SF cause there the only Sceptiles I have but I have 3 so he is of course my main attacker and since I've been getting Arceus packs I may come across one from there then I can add a 4-4-4 line and have lots of fun with that. Right now its a 4-3-3 line but it should be good enough. I'm going to post it sometime today :)

13th January 2010, 3:49 PM
I like doing 3-3-2 lines a lot, if it's really good or it has a Lv. X with it. If not, then I'd rather do a 2-2-1 or a 3-2-1 if there's already a 3 Pokemon line. Right now I'm working on a Fighting deck, but I lost all my Supporters :( either that, or I used them in my other decks.

13th January 2010, 6:03 PM
Hey guys, I know I haven't been posting in the past while, but, I forgot that this club existed, and I apologize. Anyways, I have almost all the cards from Arceus, I only need 35 more cards to have the complete set! Most of what I need is rares and Arcei (plural for Arceus I guess) but I have a shiny Bagon! If only you could input cards into your game, then I would be able to add a shiny to my list. I'm very excited for HGSS to co0me out and hope that I has very good cards! See ya!

13th January 2010, 6:49 PM
Sorry, you need to rejoin since you were inactive for a month :/ POST COUNT:

Nidoprince 27
GalladeTheGreat 18
Liriane 4
darklord18 3
Mi10ticFan 1
Rabidmunchlax 1

13th January 2010, 9:24 PM

Username: Lucas666
Years playing the TCG/Experience: Collecting since Base set, playing since June
Favourite card and why: Absol G, the darkness around it makes it look cool and creepy
League/Tourny player: League Player, but I have plkayed in some tournaments that were hosted by my league (although, they weren't official)
Brief reason for wanting to join: I have a whole bunch of cards and love to play so, I thought I'd join! (again)
Other: Can I be a supporter?

How's that for a resign-up?

13th January 2010, 9:44 PM
Great, you're re-accepted into the club. Post count stays. The reason for having to re-sign up is that some people don't ever come back and thus don't need to be on the list.

Now anyways, speaking of Absol G, does anyone know why Absol G Lv. X never made it to the tins? All the SV tin Pokemon were from the wrappers of SV, so Absol G Lv. Xhad as good of a chance of being on there as Charizard G Lv. X, Rayquaza C lv. X, and Garchomp C Lv. X. I guess it's because it doesn't do extremely high damage like Charizard G Lv. X or Rayquaza C lv. X.

13th January 2010, 10:37 PM
I think they were going for a dragon theme

14th January 2010, 12:19 AM
Well Charizard may be a Dragon, but he's no Dragon type either. I thought the theme was basically SPs.

14th January 2010, 12:29 AM
Well, Charizard is a dragon due to him being in the Dragon Egg group, but maybe a *(star) type theme is what they were going for? I don't know, what do you think?

Topic Time!!!

Are you excited for the HGSS series/set to be released later in the year?

Yes, yes I am. I relly hope that I get the starters (I think it's in the set) and am really excited for Ho-oh and Lugia to be released again. It also marks the coming up release of the Video games of HGSS

14th January 2010, 2:13 AM
I had no idea, actually. I never thought of the Dragon theme, since Charizard's flying.

Are you excited for the HGSS series/set to be released later in the year?

I am, but I'm even more excited for the whole Legends series. I'm working on a Water deck mentioned earlier, but I hope Pokemon doesn't make a deck similar to my idea.

14th January 2010, 3:13 AM
Yeah, they will have a water deck, but I hope that they don't take the good stategies for their Lugia and Ho-oh decks. I hope that it's just a few cards thrown together that can only beat a basic deck. Bulbapedia already has the Card list (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/HeartGold_%26_SoulSilver_(TCG)#Card_list). But that is the Japanese collections so there is going to be some changes, but this will give you a grasp on what Pokémon is going to do withe the set.

14th January 2010, 3:35 AM
Are you excited for the HGSS series/set to be released later in the year?

Hells YES! Can't wait for that to come out, I'll have a Ho-Oh/Lugia deck no doubt!

So I made a Sceptile deck and I would like to know what you all think :)

Green As Grass (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=10937039#post10937039)


14th January 2010, 3:45 AM
Yea, I know the cards in the set, in fact, I even planned out a Water deck. I'm glad they're reprinting some cards, such as Elm's Training and Bill's Maintenance. Since they'll be counted as modified, I might use those, hehe.

14th January 2010, 4:04 AM
My hunt will be for Ho-Oh and Lugia. Not just for building a deck but because they look so so so so so cool! I hope my local card shop gets good packs when they come out!

14th January 2010, 4:06 AM
I've made several decks, and only 1 has had a decent chance at winning. My Lucario GL/Lake Boundary/Keckleon deck, which took me a full 20 minutes!! I still have it, and am still using it, and I LOVE <3 IT!

14th January 2010, 4:14 AM
I have 3 decks, one which is Psychic and has Dusknoir for main, and when I get them I'll use the Lake Trio. One is a Dark deck that specializes in trainers with Honchkrow and Mightyena as a main attacker. That's mostly a fun deck. And my latest one, a Fighting deck. It has no Supporters since I ran out, but I found a Cyrus' Initiative and Buck's Training, and once HGSS collection is out, I'll use my old Supporters.

I think those 2 are rarer than Lv. Xs. I don't want to use either, but still, the art is so awesome, epic, whatever you wanna call it. I only want to collect the Primes, I love the close-ups.

14th January 2010, 4:50 AM
Years playing the TCG/Experience: since base set
Favourite card and why: Froslass Arceus set, fit's my style like a glove
League/Tourny player: I haven't been to a league in 6 years
Brief reason for wanting to join:I want to see what deck's people in and out of the league are using, and to make some rival's here and there so I can challenge myself and them to make stronger deck's irregardless if worlds is around the corner or not.
Other: i've been with in the top 2 at 3 regional's and enjoy playing with unlimited deck's mainly, but I do play mod deck's every now and then

14th January 2010, 5:02 AM
Wow, you've played a long time 0_o I've collected since pretty much the E series, but I've never played then. You'd probably beat me so badly, in fact pretty much everyone here could beat me. The only people I've won against were in League. Anyway, you're accepted, welcome!

14th January 2010, 6:26 AM
lol ex was a good series to start with but not my fav gen (that one's a toss up between 2 and 4) but woot second post and i'm in the tcg club, way to be, hahaha.

but yeah when ho-oh and lugia come out in HGSS hehehe, I don't care much for the ones with the ridiculous art work thats a+, but i'm more looking forward to the promo ho-oh and lugia, that and these (http://pokebeach.com/2010/01/pokemon-sunday-also-reveals-the-legend-cards-of-revived-legends) (mainly for collection purpose's)

14th January 2010, 6:27 AM
this is deletable if possible

14th January 2010, 5:00 PM
OMG, so those are the ones? I've heard of them, they're awesome! I like the artwork better on the other ones better though. Is the HGSS a whole series, or just one set?

14th January 2010, 5:10 PM
So guys, what do you reckon the HGSS decks are going to bwe, if they do decks?

My quid is on: Grass/fighting, Fire/psychic, water/electric

Also, what do you guys think of dual type decks? I like them, yet everyone at my local place uses monotypes.

14th January 2010, 5:39 PM
I can't stand monotype, but I'm bad with three types, so I use 2.

@Nidoprince, Yeah, I think it's a series, since they're making a game.

14th January 2010, 6:08 PM
For FRLG they only did 1 expansion. I monotype, I hate when I can't pull the right energies. I guess now I'll post my new Fighting deck:


14th January 2010, 8:02 PM
Id like to join
Username: Poke_Pain
Years playing the TCG/Experience: just over 11 years i think
Favourite card and why:Giratina lev 63 Platinum set card 10 i think the artwork is fantastic and he deals pritty good dammage
League/Tourny player: local tourny
Brief reason for wanting to join: meet and discuss with new people about pokemon cards old and new
Favorite Series: base set and gym heros

thanks :D

14th January 2010, 8:35 PM
You mean Wrack Down Giratina? The one in my sig? I love that card! I use it in my deck, and I got it in my first Platinum pack. I love how the foil is on the moon as well. You're accepted.

Soon there'll be a post count, but right now I'm busy and need to get off.

14th January 2010, 9:14 PM
Yah, but wasn't the FRLG part of the EX series? *Checks the pokemon.com card database* Yeah, I was right, and anyways, why would they make an expansion of non-existent series? Also, no Pokemon Platinum wrighting at the bottom. So, I deduce (biggest word I used all day) that it is it's own series.

14th January 2010, 9:36 PM
Yes, but it wasn't a FRLG series, it was the EX series. Now I'm wondering if HGSS will be a series or set. New topic:

Ho-oh Legend or Lugia Legend?

Well, Ho-oh Legend can be used in any deck thanks to it's Power, but its attack is nothing special. I've seen better 100+ damage cards, especially since you need to play both cards. It's more for collector's purpose, and for some reason the art looks a little unproportionate to me. Or am I just seeing things?

Now Lugia Legend has better artwork, but the attack requires you to discard the energy. I actually think that Lugia Legend is just as good as Rayquaza C Lv. X, so if you have that, you have a replacement.

Overall, I'd say Lugia Legend is better.

14th January 2010, 9:48 PM
Yeah, and if you look at the packaging that they have on Bulbapedia, you can see that it says nothing about Platinum. *checks Pok&#233;mon.com* click here for proof of it being a series (http://iaza.com/work/100115C/proof_HGSS_is_a_series51891.png)

Ho-oh Legend or Lugia Legend?

Ho-oh, it's the greatest Johto legend in my opinion. Other than that, I like the art work.

14th January 2010, 10:25 PM
Ho-oh. I'd just love to use it in a ground deck

15th January 2010, 12:14 AM
Yea, exactly. But there's only been one expansion out, so other than that it'd be hard to believe.

Lol, I know, I love that ability. I think Lugia Legend will make the price for Lugia EX lower, and the price for both parts of Lugia Legend way more expensive. Just for the Japanese version it costs 40 dollars, and usually the Japanese cards are cheaper than the English cards since you can play them.

15th January 2010, 2:58 AM
lol ex was a good series to start with but not my fav gen (that one's a toss up between 2 and 4) but woot second post and i'm in the tcg club, way to be, hahaha.

but yeah when ho-oh and lugia come out in HGSS hehehe, I don't care much for the ones with the ridiculous art work thats a+, but i'm more looking forward to the promo ho-oh and lugia, that and these (http://pokebeach.com/2010/01/pokemon-sunday-also-reveals-the-legend-cards-of-revived-legends) (mainly for collection purpose's)

I saw those yesterday and my Jaw dropped. They look amazing and I must have at LEAST one!

15th January 2010, 4:11 AM
I wonder what they do. Anyways, I'm not in to buying individuals for collecting only. I would buy packs to get them, but the only singles I buy are for my deck. I might get a box of one of the expansions, I'll be doing a water deck for that series.

15th January 2010, 5:08 PM
Pokebeach updated with translations and what those cards do is kill stuff

15th January 2010, 6:08 PM
It would've been cooler if you could match up any Suicune with any Raikou or Entei. Instead you need a certain Suicune. And yea, I saw the attacks and stats, and they were pretty good.

15th January 2010, 6:29 PM
I won't buy the cards individually but I will definitely be hunting for them! What I want to know is how much longer the DPPt series will be used for battling before they change the rules again.

16th January 2010, 12:24 AM
Until September. The sets rotate every September. I think either DP will be unilimited and Platinum and Legend will be modified, OR DP and Platinum will be unlimited and Legends will be modified.

16th January 2010, 2:14 PM
Sorry I haven't posted in so long, homework overload. But, yea, those new cards are awesome! But I'm being hopefully stratigetic and building a grass deck to counter all the feraligatr decks coming out.

16th January 2010, 2:37 PM
LOL, Feraligatr Prime is nothing special. If I didn't have Psychic now I would chose it thanks to Crobat Prime. As long as you're not inactive for a month, you can post without having to rejoin.

18th January 2010, 4:37 AM
I just bought a whole bunch of Pokemon cards cause I went down to the U.S. for the weekend. I have like 4 Tyranitar now so I'm going to make a nice T-Tar deck. I also tested out my Grass deck this weekend and its a killer deck, I set up my Sceptiles so quickly and with Cherubi on my deck I get a nice 10 damage boost which surprisingly helps :P

Mr. Joker
18th January 2010, 3:08 PM
Ho-oh Legend or Lugia Legend?
To be honest, I wouldn't pick either one of them. My luck with drawing the energy card that I need really sucks. But if I had to choose one for my deck, I would choose Ho-oh Legend, just because I would only have to discard the one energy and not 3 like on Lugia.

Sorry for my inactivity guys, I have been busy and have not had enough time to get here these last few weeks.

I have a couple new cards from the Arceus Expansion though: Salamence X, Water Arceus (3rd flipping one), Tangrowth, and Kabutops, these are the only ones that are somewhat good.

18th January 2010, 4:30 PM
@GTG: My friend owns me with his unlimited T-tar deck since I'm a Psychic user ^^' He does really high damage, but he's sort of an energy hog. It's great that your grass deck is doing well ^^

@Mr. Joker: What I meant for that topic was overall. But yea, they kinda stink for gameplay since they are worth so much. I'd just keep it for collector's purpose if I got one. Speaking of which, since I didn't go to the cities, I traded an Empoleon for a cities Gible. Promos like that will be worth a lot in the future. I can't believe you have 3 Water Arceus! I'd so trade for one of those if I actually knew you in RL. I have Psychic, Grass, and Lightning so far. Oh, and it's great that you're back, but all members inactive for a month will have to resign-up.

(I'm surprised this is lasting for a pretty long time! I noticed we're on our 4th page.)

20th January 2010, 12:14 AM
@GTG: My friend owns me with his unlimited T-tar deck since I'm a Psychic user ^^' He does really high damage, but he's sort of an energy hog. It's great that your grass deck is doing well ^^

Yeah if you have the cards for the Sceptile deck I highly recommend it and even if you don't I think it could work with almost any Grass line. I would like to try it with all the starters, especially Torterra. I was also thinking of maybe adding a 2-2 scizor line but I think that's for another deck.

20th January 2010, 2:05 AM
If you did every starter, then wouldn't that be 4 3 Pokemon lines? And isn't that a lot? I do a maximum of 2 in a deck, but 4 is overdoing it, I think. New topic:

What type do you like the best?

I say Psychic. Some Poison and Confuse, and a lot of the good cards are Psychic.

20th January 2010, 4:55 AM
Nonono I mean make a deck for each starter, like right now I have my Sceptile deck but I would like to make a Venasaur deck. haha

What type do you like the best?

I love getting out special conditions so Grass and Psychic decks are fun to use but my FAVORITE thing to do is get out Heatran LV.X and get that burned Special condition on the active Pokemon, so I would have to say Fire.

20th January 2010, 5:00 AM
What type do you like the best?

I don't really have a favourite. Whatever works for my deck is what I use, though I've only had one deck that actually beat anyone (or well 2 but that was my first deck against a store bought deck.) Though, at gunpoint I would say dark, since my fav Pok&#233;mon -Absol- is a dark type.

20th January 2010, 3:42 PM
What type do you like the best?

Well, that's a tough one. I like using my psychic/grass deck but, if I had to choose just one type, I'd haveto say grass, if just because of Beautifly.;267;

20th January 2010, 4:15 PM
Nonono I mean make a deck for each starter, like right now I have my Sceptile deck but I would like to make a Venasaur deck. haha

Now THAT makes sense, LOL.

I should make this into a poll. Should I make it multiple choice, or one option only?

20th January 2010, 6:09 PM
Just a question, but would anyone mind checking out my decklist for states?
I need some advice with it. It's titled "My States Deck (unlimeted)" Please check it out if you have time. Thanks! =)

21st January 2010, 2:27 AM
I helped ya out with your deck. Let me know what you think :)

21st January 2010, 4:47 AM
OK, first of all, let's try and not one-line. I know discussion is slow, but if you get to the point where you are going to one-line, add a topic! Because a little more of that stuff above and the club would be closed.

Liriane, if you want to, PM me to add your decklist next to your name. You can also post it here, but if you're REALLY DESPERATE, then you can also advertise it next to your name. :) Also, please don't double post. If you edited your previous post with that stuff, you wouldn't have a one-line post.

Now, since it's not like you guys stopped the discussion (To be fair, I left it at a dead end) or anything, so I won't infract you (The banning system is loose here, if I feel like one of you is breaking the rules like crazy, I won't waste any time with "You now have _ strikes, one strike away from getting banned," I'll just find a punishment when nesescary. So no infraction, just warnings.

Since the club is going to perish unless a topic is made...

What do you think is annoying in the TCG or should be improved later?

Pokemon that require a certain ammount of energy to do a certain amount of damage, and another Pokemon requires like, one more energy to do 10 more damage with some sort of recoil.

21st January 2010, 1:42 PM
What do you think is annoying in the TCG or should be improved later?

Pok&#233;mon that take like 5 fire energies or something, and when you use the attack it says remove all energy cards from ____. But I like the ones that you said you thought were annoying. It gives the card great potential to win a battle on it's own.

21st January 2010, 2:10 PM
What do you think is annoying in the TCG or should be improved later?
Well, I'd have to say the loose wording on cards like the midnight eyes altaria, along with the crazy amounts of energy needed and then dicard them all as mentioned previously.

21st January 2010, 5:04 PM
What do you think is annoying in the TCG or should be improved later?

Pokémon that take like 5 fire energies or something, and when you use the attack it says remove all energy cards from ____. But I like the ones that you said you thought were annoying. It gives the card great potential to win a battle on it's own.

I mean the comparison of some cards are annoying. Take this for example:


It does 60 damage for 3 energy.


Now this does 70 damage for 4 energy. One more turn just to do 10 more damage.

21st January 2010, 5:29 PM
Oh, I thought that you meant like for each _ energy +30 or x2

21st January 2010, 11:47 PM
I agree, it isn't really fair, but I don't mind using one turn more for that much damage, because 70 is a lot of damage for no recoil.

22nd January 2010, 12:08 AM
Still, with 4 energy, you should be able to do stuff like this:


That's what I'm after. It's actually worthwhile since you do 30 to every one of your opponent's Pokemon and any Pokemon that gets KOd gets a one-way ticket to the Lost Zone.

22nd January 2010, 12:25 AM
I have that card, and I'm willing to trade, too. anyway, ya, it's a pretty good attack, but 4 energy is a very pricy cost...

22nd January 2010, 5:37 PM
Yes, I never go above 4 in a deck, except for that card in my main deck. Do you have that exact card or is it the promo version? People go crazy for the non-promo, so only trade it for a Lv. X that's one of the best in the set.

22nd January 2010, 11:17 PM
Unfortunatly...it's a promo, but it's still jut as good ;)

24th January 2010, 12:25 AM
Type wise, I like dragons therefore colourless.

Things that annoy me. Turtwig GL. The most freakin annoying card ever

24th January 2010, 5:25 AM
OMG YES! I agree! When my bro was using a grass deck he used that card and it won the game for him far as I remember. I'll admit I wasn't very good at the time but man that card sucks! Turtwig GL that is.

24th January 2010, 5:31 PM
My Giratina lost to that card >_> it practicly won the game...it's one of the best common cards ever (Besides Skuntank G)...it should've been Torterra GL instead, and it should've been a rare.

24th January 2010, 8:57 PM
Um, this might sound weird, but i've never had a problem with Turtwig GL, I just kill it before it can do anything by using my Beautifly, so it's kinda odd hearing that you all had so much trouble with it.

25th January 2010, 9:52 AM
I back sorry for not posting.

I got two World champ 09 decks. I haven't open then yet

The Stunktank and the gengar one. and I surprise who a deck with only 7 or 8 energy can get to the finals?

New topic.

What deck that you brought was your favorite?

Glaceon deck was my favorite deck so far.
follow by the two World 9 decks even if they ban I still like them.

25th January 2010, 4:23 PM
Um, this might sound weird, but i've never had a problem with Turtwig GL, I just kill it before it can do anything by using my Beautifly, so it's kinda odd hearing that you all had so much trouble with it.

BECAUSE MY GIRATINA DOES EXACTLY 60 DAMAGE!!! When that happens, Turtwig GL does I think 60 damage instead of 30, and heals 60 damage.

Glad to see you back Darklord. I might've asked you to resign-up, but I wasn't keeping track :P I don't like the world champs deck.

Reason #1: You can't use the cards in them in any other deck
Reason #2: People easily steal from those, I once got 2 of the same half deck in my Blissey deck, so I returned it for a Platinum blister.

They can get away with that many energy because they have lots of trainers to move the energy, get it back, etc.

What deck that you bought was your favorite?

Easily Cutting Edge. I use all the cards from that deck for other decks.

Also, is anybody going to go to the HGSS prerelease? I'll be going next Sunday, the 31st. I heard there's going to be some changes, but all that my League Leader told me was this: In the new HGSS set, a new rule is that you can put as many of any card in your deck as you like. You can run 10 Uxies, 5 Uxie Lv. X, 8 Baltoy, 8 Claydol, etc. BUT I think the rule of "5 Pokemon max on bench" stays, so it best works for Trainers. (10 ROSEANNE'S FTW!!!!!!)

25th January 2010, 5:10 PM
I hope that rule applies for all past sets! 15 Keckleon and 15 Lucario GL would be PWN'age! Unfortunatly I live in London, Ontario, and there is only 1 league within 72 km or 44.7387258 miles, and they hold tournys but not official tournys. So, no prerelease for me! :(

25th January 2010, 5:38 PM
Lol lucas I know how you feel. In Toronto there aren't any leagues which sucks! I hope they keep a limit on how many pokemon you can have in your deck. It makes the game harder and forces you to use other cards which makes it more fun IMO.

26th January 2010, 4:49 PM
I don't even understand why you need 10 Uxies or 8 Claydols, or 15 Kecleon and Lucario...I never use 4 of anything in my deck except for Pokedrawer + and Roseanne's when I need it.

28th January 2010, 11:55 PM
Yeah, I don't agree with that new rule. I would rather they just keep it the way it is.

29th January 2010, 1:56 AM
I guess they figure it's pointless to keep the rule since nobody needs more than 4 anyway. Just figured that out. If they do have over 4, it'll be what I posted before, Poke _____ + and Roseanne's Research. I think also Bebe's might be used more than 4 of...

30th January 2010, 3:37 PM
I like it, if only because it means you can have 8 wurmples in 1 deck, so you could have 4 beautifly and 4 dustox, but if anything i think they should just raise the limit of cards, not just make it unlimited.

30th January 2010, 6:04 PM
I think once September comes, DPPt will be unlimited and HGSS will be modified and here's why: On any Arceus card, it says "You can have as many of this card in your deck as you like" but now you can have as many of any card in your deck as you like, so they have no choice but to make them unlimited. I'm not going to buy any booster box until the new sets are out because RR/LA will be unlimited and useless.

30th January 2010, 10:55 PM
Yeah I'm just going to wait till the HG/SS sets come out then I'll buy like 20 of those, cant wait for those sets!

30th January 2010, 11:06 PM
Yep, and the prerelease is tomorrow! Hopefully I'll get good pulls in the packs, I'll let you know what I get. New topic:

In the Japanese set, there are 8 Primes in all. In the English set, there are only 6, as the official website says. What Primes do you want out, or you think will be out?

The colorless primes will probably be taken out.

31st January 2010, 2:28 AM
I agree, the colorless will most likely be taken out.

31st January 2010, 4:05 AM
It's been revealed! The ones taken out are...Crobat Prime and Ursarang Prime! I gotta say, I was this close to making another Psychic deck thanks to Crobat prime. It can do quad poison (Meaning 4 damage counters per turn) for one energy, and do 30 damage to any Pokemon for one energy. It's too good, and would be a commonly used card. On the flip side, Ursarang is so horrible that it shouldn't even be in the set in the first place. for 3 energy you can do just 30 damage, and the only bonus is discarding the top card of your opponent's deck. And for 4 energy, you can do only 60 damage. That's worse than Drapion 4 (70 for 4), which I complained about, but this...however, now that I look at it, all of it's attacks are increased by 60 if it has any damage counters on it. By the time you get the energy on it, it'll have it's damage counters on it. Still, it's quite bad. My other complaint is that SS has only 2 Primes, and HG has 4! I like HG better than SS, but when it's unfair, it's unfair.

31st January 2010, 7:08 PM
I prefer SS, and it is unfair. why not 3 and 3? anyway, have you seen Ho-oh Legend? It's awesome!

31st January 2010, 8:46 PM
When I went to the prerelease, someone told me they got both halves of Ho-oh Legend. I didn't get any Legends, just a Meganium Prime. My friend got the top part of Lugia Legend, and his friend got the bottom part. My deck strategy was this: Fight 'til death with Jynx or Quilfish (I actually got 3 prize cards with him. My opponent was always after me saying "I HATE QUILFISH! I HATE IT!!!") then when Quilfish or Jynx is loaded, I attatch energy to Raichu (Which is on the bench) and once Quilfish/Jynx is KOd, I use Raichu to do 100 damage. The only time I lost was on a stupid coin flip! My opponent's Pokemon was 20 HP from being KOd, Jynx could lick it in the next turn and win the last prize card. BUT, the Pokemon used Fury Attack and flipped 3 heads for a 1HKO. Other than the horrible pulls, everything was great, and I also won a poster.

31st January 2010, 9:59 PM
My friend also pulled both halves of Ho-oh Legend, and I haven't gone to one yet (going this coming Saturday) so I hope i get some good stuff! by the way, where did you here about the unlimited card rule? I'd like to show it to my friend (he doesn't believe me)

31st January 2010, 10:15 PM
My League leader told me. BUT it could have been just for the prerelease, I'm not sure. The tournament organizer also said that you could do that. I'll have to double check...

Have you ever been to another prerelease before?

31st January 2010, 11:10 PM
Yes, several. I think that they should count towards something, maybe their own category, so that the people who are good at that kind o thing can have their own chance to shine. At least make there winners and losers, I was so hurt when I didn't get anything for going undefeated last time I went to one.

1st February 2010, 1:18 AM
I guess you feel more privelaged if you actually get something good in the packs XD if I got Gengar Lv. X, I wouldn't mind one bit :3 on my end of the stick, I only got the misprint Meganium which I have not posted yet, have I?


When I posted before that I got the card, I didn't see it was a misprint. I like that though, because it's extra rare, and it brightened the day. Anyway, if you can't spot it (I don't blame you if you can't, I'm horrible at taking pictures), it has a right border that's too big. In the new tins I hope I get non-starter Primes :3

2nd February 2010, 12:54 AM
Hahaahahahahahaha! That's hilarious. So when do the sets come to America/Canada? I really want to get a pack soon and I really want one of those primes!

2nd February 2010, 1:20 AM
They're easy to get. Out of 8 packs, my friend's friend got two (Donphan and Feraligatr), my friend got one as well (Blissey), and I got that Meganium. The sets come out in America on the 10th. I'm only going to get a blister or two when they come out, until the tins come.

2nd February 2010, 1:54 AM
I don't know, maybe I'll buy a box when they come out. Couldn't hurt, right?

P.S., There isn't going to be an unlimited card rule, that's only in a prerelease =)

2nd February 2010, 1:54 AM
Yeah, I can't wait for the tins. That's where I keep all of my doubles, and I have just enough tins for all of my doubles. My singles are in a binder, by set in numerical order. I'm a little OCD when it comes to the way something is organized.

Anyways, whenever I get to the local card shop, I always buy 5 packs ($19.95 worth) so, when I get to it, I get pretty close to getting a complete set (except for them d**n Level Xs.)

It's good that the primes are easy, do you know anyone with a Legend card? It would be so awesome if I got even half a Legend (meaning top/bottom card.) Also, is a Legend card useless without the other one?

2nd February 2010, 2:14 AM
Oh thanks for clarifying Liriane. That's one of the reasons I asked if you've been to other prereleases.

One of my friends does that as well, but 20 dollars every week adds up. 1 month=1 booster box. I'd rather spend 80 dollars then and there so I'm guaranteed to get that. A Legend card is hard to pull, but my friend got the top half and his friend got the bottom, but I think it's about the rarity of a Lv. X. And yea, you need both cards to play them.

2nd February 2010, 2:47 AM
I'm not sure if I'm grasping this correctly, so, you preffer the 80 dollars once in a while compared to 20 dollars every week or so? Also, is a booster box really 80 dollars? or more? or less? And is HG/SS going to have the standard amount of packs (36 I believe) per box?

2nd February 2010, 4:43 AM
I don't know for sure how many packs they have, but I know they're 80-100$ ea.

When you open a box, you're guaranteed to get at least 1 Lv. X. So I'd rather buy that then get 5 packs a week and overall have a worse chance of getting an X.

2nd February 2010, 4:55 AM
I suppose that's why I've only gotten 1. Thanks though for the tip.

New Topic: What is the price that you buy packs and tins at?

My local card shop sells individual packs for 3.99 CAD, and the tins for $16-18 CAD. I'm glad that Taxes are included there, so if it say $1 it doesn't total $1.13 CAD, but $1 CAD.

2nd February 2010, 5:15 AM
What is the price that you buy packs and tins at?

Well I buy blisters and tins only, and other promotional items, but I get all of it for about 10$ each.

New HGSS deck: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=437653

2nd February 2010, 6:20 PM
Can I join?

6 years
Mamoswine because it owns all.
Brief reason for wanting to join: Got bored and wanted something to do.

2nd February 2010, 8:11 PM
Which Mamoswine are you refering to? Anyway, you're accepted!

I'm a TCG newbie compared to all you guys :P I'm catching up though...I started playing last year, probably around November...

2nd February 2010, 8:56 PM
I'm 12. Started a a young age. And the Mamoswine. It's this one:http://www.serebii.net/card/legendsawakened/009.shtml

3rd February 2010, 3:59 AM
I don't really play much of the TCG, I just like how the cards look. They look so much better than all the boring sprites in the games. :P

3rd February 2010, 4:09 AM
I know right? Also, if you want to join, read the first post ^^

Wow, you played when you were 6 then? The whole concept of the game even now is hard to get.

3rd February 2010, 10:18 PM
I picked it up surprisingly easy. I atualy got a deck when I was seven. My other cards came from someone in class. I used to shuffle them, give them out to me and my step-dad and flip a coin to attack. My best one was an old Electbuzz.

3rd February 2010, 11:05 PM
I've been playing since about that time too but i never evolved or used energies until I was 8.

3rd February 2010, 11:38 PM
I used to think 40 Pokemon, 5 Trainers, and 15 Energy was a good run...I thought you would play until every Pokemon in your deck was discarded, and that you could play with free retreat cost, and that an Energy that's holographic counts as 2 Energy. I obviously didn't read the rules :P

5th February 2010, 12:46 PM
I remember when I was about 9, I though that the holographic water energy from aqua+magma was a super-duper rare (that's what I called really rare cards) and my friend traded me his whole collection for it. I had to give the cards back, but it was probably the funniest thing I can remember about trading :).

5th February 2010, 5:49 PM
That's not embarassing, that's lucky!!! But couldn't you have just looked at the bottom right corner for the rarity symbol? And more importantly, was it holographic? Lol, speaking of EX TM&TA I only got like, 2 packs from that series XD

5th February 2010, 7:24 PM
TM&TA was where i got my first EX (Flareon EX) and the energy was both holo and rare, i think.
P.S. (and I'm sorry if this is off topic) but instead of talking about our decks here, maybe we can do it at my new club!!! (link in my Sig.)

6th February 2010, 12:39 AM
That's a great idea Liriane. I never saw that before. I'll update the rules. If you are too lazy to go back and read, read below :P

NEW RULE: No posting decks for rating! There's already a club for this--http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=435957

My first EX was...Groudon EX promo...I think.

6th February 2010, 12:57 AM
Thanks! All of you will definitely be approved :)

6th February 2010, 1:07 AM
Get used to it Liriane. It DRIVES ME INSANE! I never try to double click, but every time I post it says "You must wait 30 seconds before each post" and I check the recent posts, and it says my post! They recently fixed it. Or so I thought. Now it doesn't even show up, it just double posts automaticly. I think it's a glitch on my computer >_< BTW, double posting on accident won't get you infracted. Only if the message is different each time, or you do it on purpose does it get you infracted, like this:

Post one: Thank you for
Post two: Seeing my double post, Liriane

New topic:

What cards do you think should have stayed in the English set of HGSS? (7 were removed)

First of all, it should've stayed as 2 sets like in Japan, they had one set that was HG, and one was SS. Now they are combined. I don't know which 7 were removed, but it was all a lame excuse to not do 2 different mini sets.

6th February 2010, 7:42 AM
Username: Flygon3x
Years playing the TCG/Experience: Collecting cards like 5+ years ago, until then I stopped. Actually trying to play with strategy? Just last week.
Favourite card and why: Flygon ex Delta Specie. It was the card I was born with, and now on current days, since in my community we play 3rd gen EX series, I base my deck on the Flygon ex Delta.
League/Tourny player: none
Brief reason for wanting to join: For suddenly returning to the game after abandoning it for 5 years.
Other: I don't understand the 4th gen in terms of TCG, and I never thought of the strategy until like starting last week. Since we just play to play, and not play to collect, we often use lots of proxies in our decks, since it's just the battles that matter to me. In my community, we always play EX series, since most of us were familiar with that, and we play 30 card decks due to time constraints.

6th February 2010, 5:19 PM
Accepted! If you want, I could teach you some of the new rules of the 4th generation if you ever want to learn. I'm both a collector and a battler. The 60 card play doesn't take THAT long, but it takes half the time to do a 30 card battle.

6th February 2010, 10:33 PM
Accepted! If you want, I could teach you some of the new rules of the 4th generation if you ever want to learn. I'm both a collector and a battler. The 60 card play doesn't take THAT long, but it takes half the time to do a 30 card battle.

Meh, I could probably figure it out on my own, just need to experiment with the cards. I'm starting to use 4th gen support, like Luxury balls, etc, but I may probably stay with 3rd gen rulings for now, due to no one in my community playing 4th gen rules.

Anyways, here's my 30 card deck:

2x Flygon ex Delta - DF
2x Vibrava Delta - DF
2x Trapinch Delta - DF
2x Jolteon ex - DS
2x Eevee Delta - DS
1x Absol ex - PK
2x Holon's Castform - HP
2x Holon Transciever
2x Holon Mentor
1x Holon Adventurer
1x Copycat
1x Warp Point
1x Luxury Ball
1x Rare Candy
4x Psychic Energy
3x Electric Energy
1x Delta Rainbow Energy

Strategy is to use Holon engine and probably Holon's Castform to have a very high hand advantage, and afterwards, I got for an all out blow on the opponent. What is nice is that Flygon ex, Jolteon ex, and Absol ex effects stack up. Flygon ex can deal damage to opponent's bench between turns and has another attack that can deal more bench damage, Jolteon ex stacks up more damage counters on all of their pokemon, making the Second Bite attack a finishing move, and Absol ex can transfer 3 damage counters from one pokemon to another, and then it's attack allow even more bench pokemon damage. Pretty much a quick sweep after the set up.

The big weakness is sometimes, if I'm not careful, or if the opponent plays stall, I deck out too quickly. Fighting type may have an advantage over Jolteon and Absol ex, but it hasn't been an issue (Flygon ex is likely to take care of the rest).

7th February 2010, 2:32 AM
Just so you know, it's best if you post that in the Pokemon Deck Rating club. It was recently created, but I haven't updated the rules yet, but I will now, so since I doubt you read the before posts where I announced the rule, no warning one bit.

I have to admit the older trainers are really cool. Clefairy Doll, for instance, is completely free stall for those Pokemon that need more Energy. But the Pokemon from the newer sets are better as they require less energy to do better than the old cards than.

7th February 2010, 5:24 AM
I find it kinda ironic the fact that Pokemon TCG had to be split into two different clubs, but that is what you mention, I guess I should go there instead.

Yeah, I can remember the old days when cards were so broken. Bills being abused for free hand advantage, energy removals being used for 1-for-1 energy removal, etc. It's nice to see the game has completely changed from the past.

7th February 2010, 11:01 AM
TM&TA was where i got my first EX (Flareon EX) and the energy was both holo and rare, i think.
P.S. (and I'm sorry if this is off topic) but instead of talking about our decks here, maybe we can do it at my new club!!! (link in my Sig.)

Was it a Delta Species one? I have that.

My first ex was Metagross from Hidden Legends.

7th February 2010, 3:10 PM
Well Liriane decided to make the club, so it got approved and now in order to keep THAT club running, I can't just say "OK, everyone can posts decks here, but they can also post them in the other club" because that would be unfair. So I made the rule.

7th February 2010, 10:12 PM
Thank you Nidoprince. No, Nebbio, It's the one you use for your user logo, and i disagree with Flygon3x, I really wish Bill's was still a trainer (CURSE YOU NINTENDO!!!!!!!). Ok, now I'm calm again and have an idea...

8th February 2010, 12:56 AM
Well then you wouldn't have a choice between Bill's or Mom's :P

What's the idea?

8th February 2010, 1:45 AM
Take a look at my Sig. =)

8th February 2010, 2:53 AM
Thing is Supporters are already invented, and Supporters are usually people, and Bill's a person, so I don't care. BUT they should make a card like TG's Mars and Buck's that is way better than Mom's or Bill's.

8th February 2010, 2:59 AM
I just loved the fact that it was a trainer, making it unique, unlike now where it's just another draw card.

8th February 2010, 3:15 AM
Out of all the Base Set cards, Bill is crap in a contest of unique. Some trainers like Gambler are so weird that nothing comes close to what they have now.

Supporters weren't even invented then, so everything that would've been a Supporter was a Trainer.

8th February 2010, 6:25 AM
Looking from a Yu-Gi-Oh aspect, it's pretty much the same reason Bill was removed, while Pot of Greed(draw 2), and Graceful Charity(Draw 3, discard 2) is on ban list. First, you are using -1 card to get two FREE CARDS in your hand? Wow. Same with Graceful Charity, even you break even, except drawing 3 cards instantly is kinda... fasting through the deck. Pokemon, however, decides of instead of removing these effects, they decide to put all the "cheap" trainer effects on Supporter cards like instantly searching a Pokemon or drawing like 5 more cards, except that you can only use them once a turn, thus balancing the effect more. The Supporter rule seems to work as well, imo, in making the game more fair.

8th February 2010, 2:14 PM
I agree somewhat. I meant it was most original out of the brought back, but now it's just another Mom's. If they were remaking the set, they really should have made him a cheap trainer, not a mom clone.

8th February 2010, 10:14 PM
Thank you Nidoprince. No, Nebbio, It's the one you use for your user logo, and i disagree with Flygon3x, I really wish Bill's was still a trainer (CURSE YOU NINTENDO!!!!!!!). Ok, now I'm calm again and have an idea...

Thats the one I am talking about. And this isn't a deck rating club.

9th February 2010, 1:18 AM
I agree somewhat. I meant it was most original out of the brought back, but now it's just another Mom's. If they were remaking the set, they really should have made him a cheap trainer, not a mom clone.

Reason for a Mom's clone is that DPPt will probably be unlimted starting September which is why they decided to make a new version of it, like a reprint.

9th February 2010, 1:30 AM
Not all of DP, just the original DP, not the subsets

9th February 2010, 1:42 AM
What do you mean just the original? You mean that Diamond and Pearl will be illegal, not LA, SW, RR, etc.?

9th February 2010, 2:58 AM
Probably. I mean, with the economy the way it is, they won't do more than 1 set, if they do any. Last year they didn't do any at all, remember?

9th February 2010, 3:45 AM
I didn't play last year...Well then I made a pure HGSS deck for nothing?! And I can buy a RR/LA box if I want to without wasting my money?!

10th February 2010, 1:58 AM
Uh, ya, sorry. Last year they didn't retire a set because of the economy, and they might do so again this year, as I said above.

10th February 2010, 2:19 AM
Well then I guess I have nothing holding me back to buy Absol G lv. X, 2 Darkrai, a bunch of Roseanne's, and all my other cards I need. Which reminds me...

What do you think is the best Darkrai?

The Darkrai from GE (4/106) or Darkrai G.

10th February 2010, 12:51 PM
What do you think is the best Darkrai?
Darkrai lv X. It is awesome!!!

10th February 2010, 3:59 PM
I completely forgot about that. But seriously, it really is. 40 damage, insta-sleep, and 2 heads needed to wake up. And if both are tails, it's a KO. That forces a retreat.

10th February 2010, 11:04 PM
If you're going to run a dark deck, run him. Anyway, how about a new topic:
What is Your Favorite HGSS Card?
Definitely Donphan Prime, because it's so broken!

11th February 2010, 2:17 AM
I have a Dark deck, but no Darkrai yet.

What is Your Favorite HGSS Card?

The Legend cards are cool, but I have to say Qwilfish. I won THREE prize cards with him in the prerelease.

I was disapointed when I went to Target and they didn't have the HGSS Blisters, by the way...only the packs :/ I don't buy single packs, only the ones with promos.

12th February 2010, 2:32 AM
Username:King Armag
Years playing the TCG/Experience: 1 year
Favourite card and why: Darkrai lv.X, It is pure awesomeness
League/Tourny player:no
Brief reason for wanting to join: I am a collector
Other: hehehe... im on a roll in these cards! 2 Arceus lv.X, and a Donphan Prime!

12th February 2010, 3:15 AM
Accepted! Funny, we were just talking about Darkrai Lv. X. I'm both a collector and a battler, sometimes I trade stuff for really rare promos (My Empoleon for City's Gible). I don't have good luck in packs, the only non-promo Lv. X I've ever pulled are Garchomp C Lv. X, Magnezone Lv. X, and Azelf Lv. X. I can't wait until the blisters come out at Target. Last time I went they didn't have any, only the single packs.

14th February 2010, 3:34 PM
I might get a box, but if not ill just trade for what i need

18th February 2010, 12:43 AM

18th February 2010, 3:22 AM
Oh yea, the new Lost Link set. Do you know what it does?

18th February 2010, 11:33 PM
Username: Splapp
Years playing the TCG/Experience: Since EX Holon Phantoms came out ;)
Favourite card and why: That's a toughie. Kabutops (EX Holon Phantoms) is one of them, but so is Lugia EX (Unseen Forces)
League/Tourny player: Neither so far :P
Brief reason for wanting to join: I really enjoy the TCG and this might make me more active on the site again.

19th February 2010, 2:40 AM
Beginning of Rant:

My deck is one Flygon Lv. X short from becoming complete. Apparently, my search for Flygon Lv. X ended up to be an 8 year old neighbor on my street (wow, seriously?). So, I had to arrange a time with him just to trade for that due to my kinda hard to arrange schedule, which then ended up being today. I offered high (like $50, combination of cards and cash), and yet he still wouldn't trade it, just because his excuse is, "I like it". I got so ****** at the end, I technically slammed my fists into the wall after he decline like 10 times. I still got lots of other goodies, like that Luxray GL lv X and stuff like that, but at the end, I'm still one Flygon Lv. X short.

End of Rant

I never buy booster packs as well, my lucks suck so much, whatever I pay, I only get like half the value I payed back (then again, considering these were only Yu-Gi-Oh booster packs, but whatever). >_<

19th February 2010, 3:25 AM
I've had something like that too. This guy had a bunch of cards for my decks, and it turns out one of them was a fake (DP Skuntank), the other 2 he wanted to keep for his deck (Giratina Let Loose and Drifblim FB), and then he offered me an uncommon card and all I had were rares. The thing that ticked me off is that he brought cards to League that weren't for trade or in his deck. I only bring cards that are in my deck or for trade.

I have to say he has every right to keep a card he wants to keep, but #1: "Because I like it" Is a horrible excuse to keep a card like Flygon Lv. X. Flygon Lv. X is one of the best cards in the whole DPPt series, if he said "Because it has Wind Erosion, it 1HKOs Lv. X, and it has a good pre-level to go with it." then I would see nothing wrong with it. #2: Even though he has every right to keep it, I hate it when you're so close to getting a card for trade and you can't get it >_< One time this guy had a Mesprit I needed, and he wanted 5 bucks for it, and I had no cash *Facepalm*

The trick with booster packs are these:

NEVER buy single packs that are in those carboard things. The ones in those dispenser-like things are fine, my friend buys 5 a day and occasionally gets Lv. Xs.

If you can't find single packs that aren't in carboard, buy booster pack lots such as blisters, tins, and boxes.

Slapp: Who doesn't like cookies :P Accepted!

19th February 2010, 4:44 PM

Can I start a new topic?

Have you completed any TCG sets, and are you close to any?

I'm one card off D/P, ten off of PL: Arceus and 11 off of PL: Rising Rivals

19th February 2010, 11:58 PM
Well, I mean, the kid is 8, so maybe he liked the picture. You can't blame him for that (I feel your pain though). I remember when my brother was little, he adored spoinks, an had like 20 bajillion of them. once I needed 1 for a deck and he wouldn't let me have one because they were his favorite. I didn't get mad, I just pulled one the next day, so it was all good.

20th February 2010, 5:38 AM
When I was about that age I was never ever EVER allowed to trade ANYTHING. I remember I traded one of my stickers for some other sticker, and I balled my eyes out and traded back. Only until I was about...10 I was allowed to trade anything. Now here's a lesson for you all--NEVER bring anything with you that's not for trade. I'm sure the Flygon wasn't for trade, so just keep every collector's card in a binder and let it collect dust.

Have you completed any TCG sets, and are you close to any?

NEVA!!! I'm not like you guys, I buy a blister or tin once every 2 weeks or something like that. HOWEVER! One time I found these promo packs that come with Flareon 4 or Gliscor 4, and they were on sale for 50 cents, so I bought all they had ^^ In the end, I ended up getting about a booster box's worth of cards for about 20-30 dollars. They came with LA and SF packs, so I'm sure I'm close to completing one of them.

20th February 2010, 8:58 PM
W00T! DARKRAI LV.X IS MINE!!! well... it will be... soon... Just bought one on ebay... for only $13.00! there is still one left, so try and get it! ( this is the Ultra-Rare one not the Promo)

20th February 2010, 9:15 PM
I just bought a Gardevoir Lv. X speaking of orders. I don't really want a Darkrai Lv. X as I already have a promo one, I don't need a regular one.

20th February 2010, 9:18 PM
But the Ultra-Rare one looks cooler! Right?
Cause, frankly I don't like pink Darkrai...

20th February 2010, 9:25 PM
Pink Darkrai is just awkward.

20th February 2010, 9:27 PM
Pretty much all the non-promos look cooler. Which reminds me of a topic...

What Promo Lv. X do you like better than the regular Lv. X?

Infernape Lv. X, Empoleon Lv. X, Lucario Lv. X, Rhyperior Lv. X, Skymin Lv. X, Charizard G Lv. X, and Arceus Lv. X.

What is Pink Darkrai anyway?

20th February 2010, 9:51 PM
The Promo darkrai lv. x looks pink.

What Promo Lv. X do you like better than the regular Lv. X?

Mewtwo lv x

20th February 2010, 9:57 PM
What Promo Lv. X do you like better than the regular Lv. X?

Giratina X, Lucario X, Mewtwo X

I have the Ultra-Rare Giratina X and Lucario X...

20th February 2010, 10:07 PM
The only Lv. X I've actually pulled (Not ordered or Promo) are Azelf, Magnezone, and Garchomp C, all on the same day.

20th February 2010, 10:09 PM
Nice pulls! I don't have any of the pixies

20th February 2010, 10:12 PM
Ive pulled Gallade 4 lv.X, Fire Grass Arceus X, Psychic Lighting Arceus X, and Donphan Prime...

20th February 2010, 10:13 PM
I WANT ALL OF THEM!!! MUAHAHAHAH!!!! I need them for my Psychic deck so badly...so far here's what I have of the pixies (Both Lv. X and non-Lv. X):

1 Azelf LA (Need one more)
8 Uxie LA (I only use 2)
1 Mesprit MT (Need one more)
1 Azelf Lv. X

So I need one Uxie Lv. X, one Mesprit Lv. X, one Mesprit MT/LA, and one Azelf LA and then my deck will be officially awesome :D

20th February 2010, 10:16 PM
I WANT THE DONPHAN PRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need it for my fighting deck, which I will post l8r

20th February 2010, 10:56 PM
I really like that Donphan Prime! IT IS AWESOME! I am needing the MD Darkrai though...

20th February 2010, 11:10 PM
So, are you saying you'd trade it?

20th February 2010, 11:22 PM
well... err... I dont know... Do you have the Majestic Dawn Darkrai?

20th February 2010, 11:26 PM
@Liriane: You should post your deck on your club instead of here. Donphan Prime is one of the best primes. I'm going to do a Water Deck with Feraligatr, however.

@King Armag: I need Darkrai too, I have Darkrai Lv. X but no Darkrai :/

Guys, handle trade offers via PM. I can link you to your haves and wants posts on the first thread to advertise, but the rest is for PM.

20th February 2010, 11:33 PM
I meant @ my club...

20th February 2010, 11:40 PM
Oh, I didn't know. Topic:

Favorite lv. X?

Dusknoir by far. He's my first non-promo Lv. X, and he's good. Remember guys, I didn't pull it, I bought it.

Gosh I can't wait until my Gardevoir Lv. X comes...

20th February 2010, 11:42 PM
Favorite lv. X?

Darkrai... 2nd fav. card ever!

20th February 2010, 11:43 PM
Favorite lv. X?

Mewtwo all the way.

21st February 2010, 12:02 AM
^I WANT MEWTWO IN MY DECK!!! But I don't have any legal Mewtwo (I have a bunch of Mewtwo, but none of them are usable in tournaments).

21st February 2010, 12:13 AM
I don't have the awesome one, but I have one.

21st February 2010, 12:20 AM
Which one's the awesome one, the MD one?

21st February 2010, 3:43 PM
New topic, anyone?

What is your favorite LEGEND card?

-Darkrai and Cresselia LEGEND...

21st February 2010, 8:01 PM
Haven't seen them yet, can u post a link?
Ya Nidoprince, That's it.

21st February 2010, 10:26 PM
Oh yeah sure- Here (http://pokebeach.com/tcg/lost-link)

21st February 2010, 10:51 PM
So, is it, like, the same pokemon LEGEND or is it 2 different?

21st February 2010, 10:54 PM
What is your favorite LEGEND card?

I like Raikou and Suicune Legend, but only for their attacks. I don't like the art too much. For art, Suicune and Entei Legend is pretty cool, same with Lugia Legend. I like the art overall, how it's not too computer generated.

@Liriane: They are the same Pokemon, you play them like how you would play the other Legends.

21st February 2010, 10:57 PM
hmm... My Darkrai X should come this week... I CANT WAIT!! :D

22nd February 2010, 12:43 AM
Alright guys, for the past several DAYS there's been a lot of one-lining. At this rate, the club would definatly be closed, and it probably wouldn't be allowed to be remade. You guys have the power to make any topic, share recent pulls, battles, or trades etc. and it's still being one-lined. Now can we all PLEASE cooperate?

Alright, back to discussion.

I think I've been laid...an HGSS booster curse! *Dun dun duuunnn* At the prerelease I didn't get any Legends and in my latest pack I got a Ledian I already had. All of my friends have gotten Legend halves by 9 packs.

22nd February 2010, 1:10 AM
My friend got a Red Gyrados in his first pack, his brother got Amphardos Prime, My Other friend got Ho-oh LEGEND (bottom), Feraligatr Prime and Donphan Prime, and I got Donphan Prime in my first pack! It's strange that you haven't gotten anything...

You know, I hope that there will still be single-pokemon LEGEND cards... All the new ones seem to be 2 pokemon...

22nd February 2010, 1:18 AM
I've gotten a Meganium Prime...oh well, I'll wait until the Blisters come out for the promos, hopefully I'll get better luck.

I know, I was thinking the same thing. Mabye they'll do something like that for the bigger Legendaries.

22nd February 2010, 3:11 AM
Favorite Lv. X?

Probably Flygon lv. X. Not only stalling becomes a nightmare for your opponent witht he added mill effect, but even if they set up a Lv. X, you can just snipe hit it as well, and take it down with one shot. That's just what I call, POWER.

Speaking of Flygon Lv. X, some person thinks he can get one from free (really?), and then sell it to me for a reduced priced. Sounds really odd, but after he got a free collections of the old EX's from the same person, it all sounds plausible to me.

22nd February 2010, 4:18 AM
Flygon Lv. X is SO uber. Check to see the card before you buy it, it could be fake, but I doubt it. Look for bloated energy, no sparkle from the foil, and the thinness of the card (I saw a fake that was really soft for a Pokemon card).

22nd February 2010, 11:45 PM
I was thinking about making a Battling Deck... I don't battle... But I could do really good... Ive got five different kinds of Darkrai, Darkrai X (promo) and another Darkrai X(non-promo)... I need help with everything else...

23rd February 2010, 4:29 PM
If you need help building a deck, you should go to Liriane's Deck Rating club, or the TCG RMD sub forum, or both.

Best Generation of Pokemon TCG?

4th because that's all I've played in. I have to say the 3rd does look cool though.

23rd February 2010, 10:21 PM
well... Does HGSS count as 5th?
if so...

Best Generation of Pokemon TCG?

5th because I love the LEGENDs. I also like the 2nd Gen...

23rd February 2010, 10:28 PM
HGSS counts as 4th. The remake of RSE and it's set will count as 5th though ^^

Stupid Gardevoir Lv. X giving me too much anticipation *Twitch* At least I only need it before Saturday, it should come by then.

23rd February 2010, 11:03 PM
My Darkrai lv. X should come tomarrow!... If not, then the next day... I should be here by friday, though... AH!... anticipation... darkrai x... YOU WILL BE MINE! HAHA!... insanity...

23rd February 2010, 11:17 PM
Nice! Ugh, I am sooooo excited, my hgss box is coming soon and I really want to open it but i can't because its not here yet but I reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllly want to open it!!!!

24th February 2010, 1:47 AM
Oh! The chances are high that you will get an entire LEGEND! Strangely, It is easier to get a LEGEND than to get a lv.X...

24th February 2010, 5:01 AM
Mine should be here by tomorrow as well, if yours is there. Because I got mine on the exact same day, and got it from someone who ships items fast and emailed me yesterday saying they emailed it. Plus, cards come really fast.

And the chances of getting a Legend is way easier than getting a Lv. X because you need 2 cards to make one. I'm going to wait until the other sets come out and then decide. So far none of the revealed sets are worth getting booster boxes for. I'm making a Water deck with Feraligatr Prime, so the only really rare cards I need are Feraligatr Prime (Which you can easily get in a tin), Kingdra Prime, and possibly Ho-oh Legend, so MABYE a HGSS box would be good. But I'm going to wait for more Water Primes and Legends.

24th February 2010, 10:44 PM
AAHHHH!!!! NOO!!! MY DARKRAI DIDN'T COME!... soooo disapointed... ... ... ... ... .... ... hmm... Well it should come tomarrow then...

24th February 2010, 11:00 PM
It's ok, my box is coming tomorrow as well, and like I said above, I really can't wait

25th February 2010, 4:39 PM
Wow, my Gardevoir came, but your Darkrai didn't come? I can understand a box, it's a lot bigger, but a single card...hmm...What stinks is that I need a Gardevoir now so I can put Gardevoir Lv. X in. Topic:

What SP Pokemon should NOT belong to their trainers?

Ambipom with Saturn. Just Akward.

26th February 2010, 2:06 AM

Ok, Now that i'm done w/ that:

What SP Pokemon should NOT belong to their trainers?

Rayquaza C. Cynthia doesn't deserve a rayquaza!

26th February 2010, 2:08 AM
Grrrr... it didn't come today either... well, I checked the tracking and It should be here tommarow...

What SP Pokemon should NOT belong to their trainers?

Darkrai and Cyrus... Darkrai is too Awesome to be with a suicidal maniac like Cyrus... I think at the end of Pokemon Platinum, Cyrus commits suicide from his failures...

26th February 2010, 1:19 PM
Ok, now that that's over, new topic:

What Do You Think The Worst Card In Pokemon TCG Is?

Night Teleporter. Totally stupid idea.