View Full Version : Begginer's Grass/fire deck

28th November 2009, 3:13 PM
So I'm relatively new to the TCG andd I could really use some constructive criticism for my deck. The strategy is mainly to power up shaymin's energy blow by attaching energy to him quickly, and taking advantage of this to power up my other pok'es. Here's the decklist:

Pokemon: 25
Shaymin Lv.X (land) x1
Shaymin land (platinum: Flourish) x1
Lotad (platinum) x3
Treeko (arceus) x4
grovyle (arceus) x2
Sceptile (platinum) x1 (arceus) x1
cherubi (arseus) x3
cherrim (arceus) x2
tangela (arceus) x2
tangrowth (arceus) x1
Arceus Fire x1
vulpix (platinum) x2
ninetails (platinum) x1

energy: 20
Grass: 15
Fire: 5

Trainer: 15
Cynthia's feelings x2
Dusk ball x1
Luxury ball x1
Lucky egg x1
Energy switch x2
Professor Oak's visit x2
Switch x2
potion x1
Bebe's Search x2
Looker's Investigation x1