View Full Version : My Possible Cities Deck (fire)

1st December 2009, 11:52 PM
Pokemon (should I take anyone out?)
1 Flareon 4- Rising Rivals (good basic, but maybe not)
3 Charmander- Arceus
2 Charmeleon- Arceus
1 Charizard- Arceus
2 Chimchar-Diamnd and Pearl
1 Chimchar- Platinum
(maybe another 1)
1 Monferno- Diamond and Pearl
1 Monferno- Platinum
(maybe another 1 but which 1?)
1 Infernape- Diamond and Pearl
1 Infernape- Platinum
1 Infernape Lv. X

3 Torchic- Platinum (any better ones?)
2 Combusken- Great Encounters
1 Blaziken- Platinum
-probobly going to take out these, and put in 2 Vulpix and 1 Ninetales(platinum) and some trainers*. Should I?

1 Magmar- Secret Wonders (only 1)
1 Magmortar- Secret Wonders (only 1)
1 Magmortar Lv. X

I have an Arcanine but he uses 4 energy and does 40 to himself. But 120 damage! On a stage 1! Plus it won't be too hard to get the energys on him with his poke power. What do you think?

22 Trainers (maybe too much)
Same ones as Electric, and some plus power. An extra Quick ball and Dusk ball as well. Maybe Cyrus's Comspiracy

17 Energy (maybe too little with this deck?)
17 Fire Energy

I might be able to trade for a few more but probobly not. Tell me what you think and how I should improve this deck.
I have more trainers, but I don't know which ones to put in. I will either use the best form of this deck or my new electric deck which I will be posting soon for cities. How should I play this deck? What should my strategy be? What trainers should I have?

3rd December 2009, 12:27 AM
I really need help before cities so I would appreciate it greatly if someone commented on this deck.