View Full Version : An Unusual Request (*Explorers of Sky*)

4th December 2009, 12:42 PM
Please forgive me if I am placing this topic in the wrong forum, or if this thread topic is inappropriate but I am in need of a favor or two and this seems to be the best place to put it.

This Christmas my nephew is getting Pokemon Explorers of Sky for Christmas from me. He already knows that I am getting him this game and it is already wrapped and placed under his Christmas tree. However, I need the help of you fine people to help fulfill our family's Christmas tradition.

"What are you talking about?" I hear you not actually ask because I am alone in my living room typing this myself, "Don't family Christmas traditions usually involve baking cookies with Gramma and singing Christmas carols? How on earth can we help you do that?"

Well, you're right. *Most normal* families do traditional things like baking cookies and singing carols to celebrate the holidays. My family is far from normal. Our family Christmas tradition involves pranking.

This is where you come in.

You see, every year we pull pranks on each other when exchanging gifts. This year I am trying to pull off an elaborate red herring/treasure hunt project for my nephew. In order to pull this off I need help with two things:

1.) A complete scan of Pokemon Explorer's of Sky box art -- including the back and side. This will be inserted into a blank NDS game case in order to trick him into thinking he has opened the correct gift.

2.) *Optional* The same cover art, but modified so that it is obvious that it is a false copy. My goal is that the cover art looks legit for exactly 0.3 seconds, but obvious enough so that he knows that it is a red herring. This can be anything from putting a pirate hat on the Charizard and making him say "Yarr!" to a simple word bubble that instructs him to open the game case to find his next clue.

Again, I'm sorry if this if the wrong place to put this, but I really need your help.

tl;dr Hey, can somebody scan the box art? Oh, and you can add silly things to the cover art if you're bored. kthnxbai