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8th December 2009, 6:31 PM
Newish, in the sense that I registered 3 and a half years ago, made a couple of posts/topics, and disappeared.

Recently i've been traipsing through Wikipedia articles, then Bulbapedia articles, and upon hearing about Heart Gold/Soul Silver, i'm playing catch up (G/S being my favourite set of games), and will be joining you people in Generation IV. As soon as I can find a cheap DS Lite and Platinum anyway. And learn about EV's and IV's (Maths was never my strong point), so I can battle you chaps.

I like theorising and debating how things work in certain fictional universes, why and the like. Pokemon is an especially interesting universe, and found myself posting here more frequently now, so thought I'd make a post.

tl;dr, I'm Aaron, I reside in the south of the UK, I'm 20, and I work for a Charity Shop at present. I'm a metalhead/Cybergoth hybrid, and if you met me in real life, I would probably scare the life out of you (if my appearance didn't first). My favourite Pokemon is Scizor, and my top 3 types are Steel, Dark, and Bug, which are the types my teams usually consist of.

Yo ;]

8th December 2009, 6:53 PM
Welcome back!

That's a long time ago. Almost 4 years!

Glad to see you're cathing up. There's not much to learn to be honest but it's always good to catch up. Maths is not my strong point either. I suck at it :/ Can't be good at everything I suppose.

Nice to meet you btw Aaron ;) Read the rules!

*Incoming friend request*

8th December 2009, 7:27 PM
Hey, i suck at maths too lol. Welcome back to the forums. Hope you get your platinum soon