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12th December 2009, 5:00 AM
Hey there everyone :D

Just call me Prinn, most people do, others call me Cubette, or get me confused with my OC and call me Madeline. So whatever works for you.

I've been playing pokemon since pokemon yellow came out, and it was my first pokemon game on a purple gameboy color for my birthday way back when it first came out.

I still played pokemon even when no one else thought it was cool, and I always tried to get both versions of each game if I could get away with it. (Not having a brother or sister to trade with, really irked me.)

Anyways, I currently have: RBY GC RS LG P/D/P that I know of.
I don't usually trade/battle, but I can be persuaded if you know how to sweet talk. ;3

I joined in hopes of finding some awesome sprite makers/re-colors, so you better watch out. 8D

12th December 2009, 5:13 AM
Oh hey welcome I guess have fun and all da good stufz 3:

Lapis Lazuli
12th December 2009, 5:13 AM
I remember those good ol' days of R/B/Y I started with R/B but yellow is what got me hooked. Welcome to the forums :)

12th December 2009, 6:17 AM
well... just welcome...

12th December 2009, 4:36 PM
Welcome to the forums!

Please read the rules and if you have any questions just VM/PM me or a member of staff. We'd be happy to help :)

I'll add you as a friend :) Hopefully the first of many :)