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21st December 2009, 12:26 AM
Warning: This deck isn't too great, because I haven't bought from Rising Rivals or Supreme Victors much. It's still better than my grass deck
Note: All of the pokemon are SP.

2 Aerodactyl
Sableye (Okay this one isn't SP)

Trainers- 26
3 Poke Turn
2 Cyrus's Conspiracy
Poke Radar
Flints Willpower
2 Buck's Training
3 Plus Power
Expert Belt
Bebe's Search
Marley's Request
2 Galactic HQ(both reverse holo)
Energy Restore
Cyrus's Initiative
Roseanne's Research
Cynthia's Feelings
2 Champion's Room
Luxury Ball
Bertha's Warmth
Speed Stadium

18 Energy
1 Upper
4 Psychic
3 Fire
1 SP
4 Fighting
3 Special Dark
1 Dark

If I could I would make a Luxray deck. Rememer that I don't have any Unown G, or Energy Gain. What sets are they from? I think I will get 8-10 packs for Christmas, so I am hoping to get some of those. I will post my wanted deck under the deck brainstorms thread.

22nd December 2009, 2:11 AM
Eh... It's okay. The SPs that are useful that you own are:
Houndoom G
Aerodactyl GL
Sableye (Good card; Impersonate Flints and Cyrus's FTW!)
Toxicroak G
Skuntank G (<3)
Honchkrow G
Infernape 4
Crobat G
Absol G (Try pulling a Lv.X)

For a cheap fast deck, get multiples of Honchkrow G, Crobat G, Skuntank G, and Toxicroak G. Draw power as Aerodactyl GL. Houndoom G 'cuz it's cool.

For trainers:
TGI-105 PokeTurn (Run 4)
Cyrus's Conspiracy (Run 4)
Flint's Willpower (You need Energy Gain. Fast.)
Buck's Training (Take it out when you get better cards.)
Expert Belt
Bebe's Search (1 is fine; just aim for the Lv.Xs)
Galactic HQ (It's nice for Toolbox)
Roseanne's Research (GET MORE!)
Cynthia's Feelings
Champion's Room (Moonlight would be better.)
Luxury Ball
Bertha's Warmth (It's worth it sometimes)
Speed Stadium (Meh... Decent for drawing...)

Energy line should look like:
4 Special Dark
3 Psychic
3 Basic Dark

IDK wut else you would wanna add. Just focus on single Pokemon lines. Some starter decks have great staple cards in them. Get a bunch of Roseanne's Research from the otherwise sucky Milotic C deck. It even has Cynthia's Feelings! \o/ Right there is about $10 worth of cards. lol


22nd December 2009, 9:04 PM
What about fire energy for infernape? SP energy?