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28th December 2009, 2:30 AM
Since Pokemon came out i was a big fan of psychic Pokemon so i made a mono-purple aka psychic deck. i need help because i m going to a small tournament tomorrow and i want to fix it up.


2x Mewtwo lv.51
1x Mewtwo lv.X
3x Nidoran (F) lv.14
2x Nidorina lv.29
2x Ninoqueen lv.54
1x Duskull lv.12
2x Duskull lv.11
2x Dusclops lv.41
1x Dusclops lv.40
1x Dusknoir lv.48
1x Dusknoir lv.47
1x Dusknoir lv.49
2x Uxie lv.55

Trainers: 9
4x Quickball
2x Duskball
1x LuxuryBall
1x Night Maintenance
1x Rare Candy

Stadium: 1
1x Broken time space

3x Bebe's seach
2x Roseanne's research
3x Team Galactic's Mars
2x Cynthia's feelings
1x Professor oak's Vist
2x Volkner's Philosophy

Energy: 16
16x Psychic Energy

i look at my binder and heres the best cards i can find for the deck:
1x Team Galactic's Mars
1x Bebe's Seach
2x Duskball
1x Underground Expedition
2x Energy link
2x Super Scoop-up
2x Pokedex handy910's
1x Broken time space (must find room for it)
1x Mewtwo lv 51
1x Dusknoir lv.47 (swap another one out for it)
1x Dusclops lv.40 (swap another one out for it)
1x Dusclops lv. 41 (Swap another one out for it)
1x Nidoqueen evol. (1 more of the each of the ones i have)
3x Seviper lv.30

i have no more rare candys, if i find them there are going in. thanks for your help.

28th December 2009, 2:13 PM
nice but whats the strategy? i would give it a 7! i like mewtwo 2!