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Flame of Madness
29th December 2009, 3:26 AM
Welcome to The Golden Sun Fan Club!

As you can see, this is for people who absolutely CANNOT forget Golden Sun / The Lost Age throughout these years, some still hope for a third game. Well infact, there IS a third game coming for DS this year, hopefully it's going to be as AWESOME as the ones before it :D FINALLY!

This club exists for the discussion of the game, and as such. Like I wish there'd be a Golden Sun Anime.
Please read through this first post if you're interested in joining.

1. SPPF RULES apply. (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=364266)
2. No Spamming. (Please help keep this club neat)
3. No Flaming. (Try not to get into arguments etc. etc., it does no good to anyone)
4. No Double Posting.
5. Avoid 'One Liner Posts'.
6. Please type an introduction of yourself and your thoughts/opinions about the game if you want to join.
7. No Advertising.
8. No swearing.
9. We are a literate club so please avoid use of MSN language such as (MSN language counts as shortening words so you type faster examples are Y=Why U=You and L8r=Later) or l1k3 d1$!
11. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE IS TO HAVE AN ENJOYABLE TIME! ( and of course, keep this club active).
12. Try to abide by the rules so I won't have to ban you. First infractions are forgivable and will be let go, and I'm a very lenient person, so only if you do something that doesn't go by the rules unconsciously, then it's okay. And, well you know the other option.
13. Make sure you inform me if you want to leave (via PM), so I can have your name erased.

For those who don't know Golden Sun is a game on Gameboy that was released AGEEEES ago. =] I still love the game, play it occasionally too. It's awesome.

30th December 2009, 2:14 PM
this is approved right?? make the rules a bit more intricate. I would like to join though

30th December 2009, 2:35 PM
I would like to join. But, reading the first post, if your such a big Golden Sun fan than you should know that there is a new game called Golden Sun DS being released in Summer.

Flame of Madness
3rd January 2010, 1:50 AM
Oh wow, this club was actually approved. I'm going to edit the rules right now, I was just waiting for it to be approved. Yaay. And, Prinplup, I was just SAYING it was a game and on which console, although I really didn't know there's a new game being released o.O ? Haha well being club owner doesn't mean you KNOW everything, you may join =]. This is a club after all and discussions are meant to take place.

So, who's your favorite GS character(s) and why?!

Mine's probably Isaac and Garet. Garet's just really funny and both of them are strong in my opinion.
Besides, I really like fire and earth.