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Corroded Arceus
31st December 2009, 9:51 AM
Hello, and welcome to the second SPPF Atheist Alliance. There was once another club like this, but eventually it died out and was closed. So, here is a newer, fresher Alliance for the freethinkers of SPPF!

Basically, this is a club for anyone who is an Atheist, Agnostic, or otherwise does not believe in/ doubts the existance of God. We will discuss a variety of topics here, mostly pertaining to Athesim and Religion.

Now, as for the rules:

1. General SPPF and Club rules apply, clearly. Especially no spamming.
2. No bashing of ANY religious belief is allowed here. This means no "CHRISTIANS SUKK!", this club tends to focus more along the lines of "Well, I believe Christianity is flawed because..."
3. Please, no rude and obnoxious arguing. You may calmly discuss matters, but no "You're an idiot! Your beliefs are wrong!" If you really have to do this, VM/PM the person I guess.
4. Try to avoid one liners, unless nothing else needs to be said. Think before you type... there may be another answer to the one you are thinking of.
5. Atheisim is just a disbelief in God, so if you believe in astrology or fate or whatever you can still join.
6. Do not ask to be co-owner. I will choose someone who seems mature.
7. When you post to join, please include your story of how you became an Athesist/Agnostic.
8. If you break one of these rules, you will recieve a week ban, and a strike. Break another one, you will recieve a month ban and a second strike. Finally, if you recieve a third strike you will be permabanned.


Corroded Arceus. (Leader)

Ok, here's my story. I was raised in a Catholic community. My family is Catholic as is every school I have attended. I was quite a strong believer until one day I just thought "Hmmm, this God thing isn't right for me." My family have been very accepting of this, althought it is hard to get along in a Catholic school when you're an atheist.