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11th January 2010, 6:38 AM
Hi, this is Aberrant17. My brother recently got me into the TCG, but I haven't been getting many wins, despite having made changes to my deck. My deck seems to have issues with flow/draw power/whatever you wanna call it, and I often can't get the cards I need when I need them. I've made some changes (especially with the trainer cards) to hopefully solve this problem. If anyone would give it a look and offer suggestions, I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance.

Here is my current deck (it has an emphasis on status affliction and war of attrition):

Grass Pokemon (14)
1 x Arceus lv100 (Grass) AR2
2 x Tangela lv9 Plat Arceus
1 x Tangrowth lv 41 DP Stormfront
1 x Tangrowth lv X Plat Arceus
3 x Bulbasaur lv 14 DP Secret Wonders
2 x Ivysaur lv 24 DP Secret Wonders
1 x Venusar lv 55 Plat Supreme Victors
2 x Cherubi lv 12 Plat Arceus (Now Cherubi lv 9 Stormfront)
1 x Cherrim lv 33 Plat Arceus (considering changing to Stormfront Cherrim)

Fire Pokemon (8)
2 x Magmar lv 27 DP Secret Wonders
1 x Magmortar lv 52 DP Secret Wonders
2 x Charmander lv 13 Plat Arceus
1 x Charmeleon lv 29 DP Secret Wonders
1 x Arcanine G lv 60 Plat Supreme Victors
1 x Camerupt G lv 57 Plat Supreme Victors

Trainer Cards (6)
2 x Warp Point
2 x Super Scoop Up
1 x Premier Ball
1 x Luxury Ball

Supporter Cards (12)
3 x Team Galactic's Mars
3 x Professor Oak's Visit
3 x Cynthia's Feelings
3 x Bebe's Search

Basic Energy (20)
10 x Grass Energy
10 x Fire Energy

*EDIT 01/18/10*: Some things I should probably mention:

1. The typing is meant to take advantage of the boosts provided by Cherrim's Poke-Bodies (Sunny Day or Cloudy Sky). And no, I don't plan on using a mono-type deck.

2. My main attackers are Magmortar and Tangrowth. The reasons for this are their damage output (Tangrowth's special conditions and Magmortar's potentially 100+ Flame Blast), their survivability, and their ability to damage Benched Pokemon.

3. I'm already trying to get Uxies and Claydols (I have one of each as of this edit), as well as Magmortar lv X and Arceus lv X (the one with Meteor Blast).

4. I'm considering the use of Torterra and/or in this deck (Fighting type versions, to improve type coverage), as well as Leafeon and Flareon. Thoughts and comments on this matter are welcome and appreciated.

11th January 2010, 7:01 AM
To make it "flow" better, just get better drawing trainers and Uxie, and now coming with League...Claydol! Use them, and you'll get more consistant set ups and stuff.

For the lines...

Pokemon: 14+
1 Tangrowth Lv.X AR
1 Tangrowth SF
2 Venusaur SV
2 Ivysaur SV
3 Bulbasaur (Any Bulba that can stall or set up)
3 Tangela (Any Tangela that can stall or set up)
1 Cherrim SF
1 Cherubi SF
As many Uxie as you can get

3 Roseanne's Research/Cynthia's Guidance (Guidance is easier to get)
3 Bebe's Search
3 Cynthia's Feelings
3 Professor Oak's Visit
1 Palmer's Contribution/Night Maintenance (Either is fine)
1 Luxury Ball
4 PokeBall
4 Quick Ball
4 PokeDex
4 PokeDrawer+ (Kinda hard to get...but...yeah. Get some)
Anything that can thin your deck

Energy: 13
13 Grass Energy

This is a cheap grass deck skeleton from some cards you own and some stuff that can pull cards quickly. Do not forget consistancy when building a deck. If it can't set up, then it's not gonna work. If you can, add to the Tangrowth line and try getting stadiums for drawing or speeding up set up. Speed Stadium is pure luck, but it works at times, and Pokemon Contest Hall is uber.

That's it, I guess... XP


Shadow Eeveelution
12th January 2010, 7:47 AM
..Just want to know your main attack for your deck before I can help more..
*I'm sure you will want to consider adding Sceptile from GE*