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the jman
15th January 2010, 6:54 AM
Tired of going around and finding no one to battle with? Is it a hassle to get someone to battle? Well this is the place to get some tips on your teams, To find someone to battle with, and to have some fun. Please, this is NOT A GAME HELP PLACE, but you can GET SOME IN-GAME help. Although there is 4 rate sections for in-game in the main forums. In addition to a few batles, You can get a partner for the battle frontier (pokemon platinum). You can also get frontier rates as well as team rates. Time to kick this off.

Main Rules
1. All main forum rules apply.
2. Please dont just come here and expect a fast battle, You need 5 posts here in this club before you can ask or give battles. This rule will come into effect after 50 posts.
3.Dont Spam. Stupid Pointless Anoying Messages
4. I dont care much for spelling and grammer, as I have a life, but please type to the extent where people can understand you. Chatspeak isnt allowed.
5.You must obey the owner, and co-owner in any matters.
6. You may NOT PM other users with problems about the club You think "Should get taken care of". If theres a problem PM me or if you think its "Real serious" and that "I wont listen" than Report to a mod.
7. Dont stray to far from the club.

1. The owner(s) must be understanding.
2. Must not spam
3. Has to take in everyones perspectives, and must not abuse the power.
4. Only mods can over-ride the Owner.
5. Must have the most constructive posts in the club.

Member list
Owner- The jman
Anyone is allowed to join, including those banned from other clubs.

Banned list
No one.

Penalties "club infractions"
This is a club "infraction" NOT A MODERATOR INFRACTION. You can only get in trouble in this club, through the following: Breaking the rules in this club, or an anyway on the main forum that involves this club, such as main rule 6.
1 rule broken = Warning
2 rules broken = 2 day ban
3 rules broken = 5 day ban + mod report
4 rules broken = 10 day ban + mod report
5 rules broken = 30 day ban + mod report
6 rules broken = Permant ban + mod report

Halt! before joining, please ask yourself, "Will I be active at least once a month?". if you think yes, than heres how to join. Post Your favorite pokemon and favorite battle facility. than put this in your joining post, 'Dugtrio used double team'. You may not participate in the topics until your accepted.

Looking for a battle! Use this!
Be very specific when looking for a battle. Dont just say "Standard rules". If you dont say something when asking for a battle, like No sleep powder, than the person can use sleep powder all they want. Also, If you need help with the Tiers list Go to the Rating section or VM/PM me.
Looking for a level 50 double battle, Only UU pokemon only, No items on pokemon. My Fc is:__________

Looking for a level 100 single battle, Legendary pokemon only, no wobbufet, Items allowed. No double team.My fc is:___

Non Example:
Lookin for a battle.
Now to kick things off, Here is some topics.
What is your favorite lead pokemon
Do you beleive in "Double team"?
Whats your longest streak in the battle factory?

the jman
19th January 2010, 7:11 AM

Please read the rules guys ^^